Flightless eucnemids, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Elateroidea.

The Eucnemidae, false click beetles, are a group of beetles resembling the click beetles of the Elateridae in possessing a ventral click process between the prothorax and mesothorax, but differing in having all five abdominal ventrites connate (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Elongate, cylindrical to slightly flattened, compact, usually finely pubescent and with acute posterior angles on pronotum; labrum concealed beneath clypeus; antennae eleven-segmented, sometimes received in grooves just beneath lateral pronotal carinae or ventrally crossing or bordering notosternal suture; fore coxae globular, trochantins concealed, fore coxal cavities externally and internally open; clicking device present involving prosternal process and mesosternal cavity; mid coxal cavities narrowly separated, laterally open; tarsi pentamerous, usually simple, rarely bearing membranous appendages on segments 2–4; abdomen with five ventrites, all connate. Larvae usually flattened, with no legs and reduced head with minute antennae and non-opposable or immovable mandibles.

Eucnemidae [Melasidae]
    |--Idiotarsus KB11
    `--+--+--Nematodes KB11
       |  `--Fornax additus Bon. 1872 LB91, Mas86
       `--+--Arrhipis KB11
          `--+--Protofarsus KB11
             `--Entomophthalmus americanus KB11

Eucnemidae incertae sedis:
  Neocharis E02
  Dromoeolus Mas86
    |--D. australasiae Bonv. 1871 Mas86
    |--D. dignoscendus Bonv. 1871 Mas86
    `--D. lugubris Bonv. 1871 Mas86
  Trigonopleurus rugolosus Bonv. 1875 Mas86
  Phyllocerus LB91
  Hemiopsida mastersi Macleay 1872 LB91, Mas86
  Euryptychus porosus LB91
  Palaeoxenus [Palaeoxeninae] B14
    `--P. dorhni (Horn 1878) B14
  Galbites [Eucneminae, Galbitini] B14
    |--G. albiventris B14
    |--G. auricolor (Bonvouloir 1875) B14
    |--G. australiae B14
    |--G. bicolor B14
    |--G. chrysocoma B14
    |--G. modiglianii B14
    |--G. sericata B14
    `--G. tigrina B14
  Galba Mac86
    |--G. auricolor Mac86
    |--G. marmorata [=Pterotarsus marmoratus] B35
    `--G. wallacei Perroud 1864 Mac86
  Cafolus moestus Mac86
  Arisus depressus Bonv. 1871 Mas86
  Anabolus mirus Bonv. 1871 Mas86
  Phoenocerus subclavatus Bonv. 1871 Mas86
  Galbodema Mas86
    |--G. mannerheimi Mas86
    `--G. ruficeps Bonv. 1872 Mas86
  Orodotes jansoni Bonv. 1875 Mas86
  Lycaon Mas86
    |--L. expulsus Bonv. 1875 Mas86
    |--L. kraatzi Bonv. 1875 Mas86
    |--L. nanus Bonv. 1875 Mas86
    |--L. nigricans Bonv. 1875 Mas86
    `--L. novus Bonv. 1875 Mas86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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