Orphilus subnitidus, from here.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.
Contains: Bostrichidae, Ptinidae, Dermestes, Megatominae.

The Bostrichoidea are a group of beetles predominantly adapted for dry habitats, united by modified cryptonephridism, aedeagal structure and the lack of a basal mandibular mola in the larva. Members include the Dermestidae whose larvae are scavengers on dry material of animal origin such as desiccated carcasses or shed hair or feathers (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

    |  i. s.: Endecatomus [Endecatomidae] B14
    |           `--E. dorsalis Mellié 1848 B14
    |         Gnostidae RD77
    |--+--Bostrichidae MW15
    |  `--Ptinidae MW15
    `--Dermestidae MW15
         |  i. s.: Reesa vespulae LB91
         |         Neoanthrenus YHT05
         |         Hexanodes AY04
         |         Thorictinae [Thorictidae] LB91
         |           |--Thorictodes RD77
         |           `--Thorictus A61
         |                |--T. capensis A61
         |                |--T. castaneus Germ. 1834 G89
         |                |--T. germari Lucas 1846 E12
         |                |--T. mauritanicus Lucas 1846 E12
         |                `--T. puncticollis Lucas 1846 E12
         |         Trinodinae B14
         |           |--Trichelodes [Trichelodini] LB91
         |           |    `--T. delicatula LB91
         |           `--Thylodrini B14
         |                |--Thylodrias contractus Motschulsky 1839 B14
         |                `--Trichodrias B14
         |         Attagenus Latreille 1802 L02 [Attageninae LB91]
         |           |--A. macellarius [=Dermestes macellarius] L02
         |           |--A. pellio B70
         |           |--A. piceus C01
         |           |--A. posticalis Fairm. 1879 G89
         |           |--A. schaefferi C01
         |           |--A. trifasciatus [=Dermestes trifasciatus] L02
         |           |--A. unicolor OM91
         |           |    |--A. u. unicolor OM91
         |           |    `--A. u. japonicus OM91
         |           `--A. unifasciatus Fairm. 1860 G89
         |         Tiresias RD77
         |--Orphilinae B14
         |    |--Orphilus subnitidus LeConte 1861 MW15, B14
         |    `--Orphilodes B14
         `--+--Dermestes MW15
            `--Megatominae MW15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 19 December 2020.

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