Nephroselmis olivacea, copyright William Bourland.

Belongs within: Corticata.
Contains: Chlorosarcinaceae, Tetraphytae.

The Chlorophyta is a major group of green algae including both unicellular and multicellular lineages, with most representatives being aquatic.

Characters (from Adl et al. 2012): Cilia of swimming cells in pairs or multiples of two, with stellate structure linking nine pairs of microtubules at basal body transition zone; thylakoids single or stacked; plastid with two membranes without periplastid endoplasmic reticulum; starch inside plastid; glycolate dehydrogenase present; cell wall, when present, of cellulose; cell division without phragmoplast.

<==Chlorophyta [Micromonadophyceae, Nephrophyceae, Prasinophytae]
    |--Pyramimonas [Pyramimonadales] WM14
    |    |--P. parkeae WM14
    |    `--P. propulsa OI05
    `--+--+--+--Micromonas pusilla L-BC03
       |  |  `--Mantoniella L-BC03
       |  |       |--M. antarctica L-BC03
       |  |       `--M. squamata L-BC03
       |  `--Mamiellophyceae AS12
       |       |  i. s.: Bathycoccus AS12
       |       |         Dolichomastix AS12
       |       |         Monomastix opisthostigma WM14
       |       `--Mamiellales OS03
       |            |--Mamiella L-BC03
       |            `--Ostreococcus OS03
       |                 |--O. lucimarinus C-SCL15
       |                 `--O. tauri OS03
       `--+--Pycnococcaceae L-BC03
          |    |--Pycnococcus provasoli L-BC03
          |    `--Pseudoscourfieldia marina L-BC03
          `--+--Nephroselmis Stein 1878 L-BC03, AS12 [Nephroselmidophyceae]
             |    |--N. olivacea L-BC03
             |    `--N. pyriformis AS12
             `--+--Tetraphytae KM01
                `--Chlorodendrophyceae AS12
                     |  i. s.: Scherffelia dubia L-BC03
                     |         Tetraselmis Stein 1878 C03
                     |           |--T. maculata BS-L99
                     |           |--T. striata L-BC03
                     |           `--T. subcordiformis [=Platymonas subcordiformis] BS-L99
                     `--Chlorangiaceae [Chlorodendrineae] S57
                          |--Collinsiella tuberculata Setchell & Gardner 1903 S57
                          `--Prasinocladus lubricus Kuckuck 1984 S57

Chlorophyta incertae sedis:
  Pedinophyceae AS12
    |--Pedinomonas minor GLB04
    `--Marsupiomonas AS12
  Ouracoccus (Hassall) Lindley 1847 [=Haematococcus subg. Ouracoccus Hassall 1845, Urococcus] FT93
    `--*O. allmanii [=Haematococcus allmanii Hassall 1845] FT93
  Pandorina Bory 1824 M70b
    `--P. morum (Muller) Bory 1824 M70b
  Tetrastrum Chodat 1895 M70b
    |--T. multisetum M70b
    `--T. staurogeniaeforme (Schroder) Lemmermann 1895 M70b
  Sorastrum Kutzing 1845 M70b
    `--S. spinulosum Nageli 1849 M70b
  Richteriella Lemmermann 1898 M70b
    `--R. botryoides (Schmidle) Lemmermann 1898 M70b
  Lagerheimia (De Toni) Chodat 1895 M70b
    `--L. longiseta (Lemmermann) Printz 1914 [=Chodatella longiseta] M70b
  Errerella Conrad 1913 M70b
    `--E. bornhemiensis Conrad 1913 M70b
  Golenkinia Chodat 1894 M70b
    `--G. radiata (Chodat) Wille 1911 M70b
  Micractinium Fresenius 1858 M70a
    `--M. quadrisetum (Lemmermann) Smith 1916 M70a
  Calcipatera T97
  Pseudulvella Wille 1910 N10
    `--*P. americana (Snow) Wille 1910 N10
  Tetrasporales A90
    |--Tetrasporaceae A90
    |--Sphaerocystis [Hypnomonadaceae] A90
    |    `--S. schroeteri DH90
    `--Palmellaceae A90
         |--Gloeocystis A90
         |--Hormotila A90
         |--Hormotilopsis A90
         `--Palmella A90
  Tubulistroma Vologdin 1962 G79
    `--*T. scrofulosum Vologdin 1962 G79
  Pterosperma Pouchet 1893 OC09, FT93
    `--P. cristatum OC09
  Chlorosarcinaceae A90
  Crustomastix AS12
  Halosphaera viridis AS12, B26
  Prasinococcus AS12
  Paulschulzia L-BC03
  Pteromonas Seligo 1886 KM01, M70b
    `--P. rectangularis Lemmermann 1900 M70b
  Palmophyllales AS12
    |--Palmophyllum AS12
    |--Palmoclathrus AS12
    `--Verdigellas AS12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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