Head of Plectus sp., from Colorado State University.

Belongs within: Nematoda.
Contains: Aphanolaimidae.

The Plectida are a group of terrestrial and aquatic free-living nematodes with cephalic setae, a cylindrical stoma and unispiral amphids.

<==Plectida [Leptolaimina]
    |--Haliplectoidea LB02
    |    |--Haliplectidae LB02
    |    |--Aulolaimidae LB02
    |    `--Manunema Gerlach 1957 L86 [Peresianidae LB02]
    |         `--M. proboscidis L86
    |--Ceramonematoidea LB02
    |    |--Tarvaiidae LB02
    |    |--Tubolaimoididae LB02
    |    `--Ceramonema [Ceramonematidae] LB02
    |         `--C. carinatum L02b
    |--Plectoidea LB02
    |    |  i. s.: Anaplectus FB90
    |    |         Wilsonema FB90
    |    |--Chronogaster FB10 [Chronogasteridae LB02]
    |    |--Metateratocephalidae LB02
    |    `--Plectidae LB02
    |         |--Oligoplectus Taylor 1935 H62
    |         |    `--*O. succini (Duisburg 1862) [=Anguillula succini] H62
    |         |--Vetus Taylor 1935 H62
    |         |    `--*V. duisburgi Taylor 1935 H62
    |         `--Plectus Bastian 1865 H62
    |              |--*P. parientinus Bastian 1865 H62
    |              |--P. antarcticus W02
    |              |--P. aquatilis GD00
    |              |--P. palustris L02a
    |              |--P. rhizophilus BG-M11
    |              `--P. tenuis BG-M11
    `--Leptolaimoidea [Halaphanolaimidae] LB02
         |--Rhadinematidae LB02
         |--Aegialoalaimidae LB02
         |--Diplopeltoididae LB02
         |--Paramicrolaimidae LB02
         |--Ohridiidae LB02
         |--Bastianiidae LB02
         |--Odontolaimidae LB02
         |--Rhabdolaimus FB90 [Rhabdolaimidae LB02]
         |--Aphanolaimidae HZ02
         `--Leptolaimidae HZ02
              |  i. s.: Anomonema Hopper 1963 L86
              |           `--A. haplostoma L86
              |         Setostephanolaimus Tchesunov 1994 HZ02
              |         Antomicron Cobb 1920 HZ02
              |         Leptolaimoides Vitiello 1971 HZ02
              |         Procamacolaimus Gerlach 1954 HZ02
              |         Stephanolaimus Ditlevsen 1919 HZ02
              |--Anguinoides Chitwood 1936 [Camacolaimidae, Camacolaiminae] HZ02
              `--Leptolaiminae HZ02
                   |--Halaphanolaimus Southern 1914 HZ02
                   |    `--H. luridus HZ02
                   `--Leptolaimus de Man 1880 HZ02
                        |--L. (Alveolaimus Alekseev & Rassadnikova 1977) HZ02
                        |--L. (Boveelaimus Alekseev & Rassadnikova 1977) HZ02
                        `--L. (Dermatolaimus Steiner 1916) [incl. Tubulaimus Alekseev & Rassadnikova 1977] HZ02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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