(Left to right) lateral, aboral, oral and diagrammatic oral views of Neolaganum archerensis, from Durham (1966).

Belongs within: Clypeasteroida.

The Neolaganidae are a group of sand dollars known from the Eocene and Oligocene of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean (Durham 1966).

Characters (from Durham 1966): Usually with pseudocompound plates in petals, outer member of pore pairs greatly elongated, basicoronal plates in regular pentagon with ambulacral plates at apices, first pair of coronal plates markedly larger than succeeding plates, terminal adapical interambulacral plate rectangular.

<==Neolaganidae D66
    |--Neorumphia Durham 1954 D66
    |    `--*N. elegans (Sánchez Roig 1949) [=Rumphia elegans] M89
    |--Sanchezella Durham 1954 D66
    |    `--*S. sanchezi (Lambert 1926) [=Jacksonaster sanchezi] M89
    |--Weisbordella Durham 1954 D66
    |    `--*W. caribbeana (Weisbord 1934) [=Peronella caribbeana] M89
    |--Wythella Durham 1954 D66
    |    `--*W. eldridgei (Twitchell 1915) [=Laganum eldridgei] M89
    |--Cubanaster Sánchez Roig 1952 D66
    |    |--*C. torrei (Lambert in Sánchez Roig 1962) [=Jacksonaster torrei] M89
    |    `--C. acunai M89
    `--Neolaganum Durham 1954 M89
         |--*N. archerensis (Twitchell 1915) [=Laganum archerensis] M89
         |--N. dalli M89
         `--N. durhami M89

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D66] Durham, J. D. 1966. Clypeasteroids. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt U. Echinodermata 3 vol. 2 pp. U450–U491. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas Press.

[M89] Mooi, R. 1989. Living and fossil genera of the Clypeasteroida (Echinoidea: Echinodermata): an illustrated key and annotated checklist. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 488: 1–51.

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