Clathrosperchon sp., from Water Mites of North America.

Belongs within: Hydrachnidia.

The Rhynchohydracaridae are a family of water mites known from streams in North and South America (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Dorsum covered with closely fitting, reticulate or porous platelets. Palpi not chelate. Numerous genital acetabula present on movable genital flaps.

    |--Rhynchohydracarus Lundblad 1936 V01
    |    |  i. s.: R. dividuus Lundblad 1941 RFF05
    |    |         R. testudo Lundblad 1936 RFF05
    |    `--R. (Coibacarus Valdecasas 2001) V01
    |         `--R. (*C.) carmenae Valdecasas 2001 V01
    |--Santiagocarinae V01
    |    |--Santiagocarus Valdecasas 2001 V01
    |    |    `--*S. robustus Valdecasas 2001 V01
    |    `--Gledhillia Valdecasas 2001 V01
    |         `--*G. coibensis Valdecasas 2001 V01
    `--Clathrosperchontinae [Clathrosperchontidae] V01
         |--Clathrosperchonella Lundblad 1937 V01
         |    |--C. asterifera Lundbald 1937 RFF05
         |    `--C. rutae Lundblad 1938 RFF05
         `--Clathrosperchon Lundblad 1936 V01
              |--C. crassipalpis Lundblad 1936 RFF05
              |--C. minor Lundblad 1937 RFF05
              |--C. ornatus WL09
              |--C. punctatus Cook 1980 V01
              `--C. transversus Viets 1977 [=Clathrospercon (l. c.) transversus] RFF05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[RFF05] Rosso de Ferradás, B., & H. R. Fernández. 2005. Elenco y biogeografía de los ácaros acuáticos (Acari, Parasitengona, Hydrachnidia) de Sudamérica. Graellsia 61 (2): 181–224.

[V01] Valdecasas, A. G. 2001. A new subfamily of Rhynchohydracaridae (Acari, Hydrachnellae) from the island of Coiba (Panama) with descriptions of new taxa. Journal of Natural History 35: 1565–1574.

[WL09] Walter, D. E., E. E. Lindquist, I. M. Smith, D. R. Cook & G. W. Krantz. 2009. Order Trombidiformes. In: Krantz, G. W., & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 233–420. Texas Tech University Press.

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