Spatangus purpureus, copyright Roberto Pillon.

Belongs within: Micrasterina.

The Spatangidae are a family of heart urchins with petaloid ambulacra known from the Eocene to the present (Fischer 1966).

Characters (from Fischer 1966): Heart urchins having subanal fasciole only; apical system ethmolytic; three or four gonopores; anterior ambulacrum with only small pores arranged in single series; paired ambulacra petaloid, with petals nearly flush or flush; primary spines differentiated, in some forms recessed into camellae. Plastron holamphisternous to ultramphisternous.

<==Spatangidae [Maretiidae, Prospatangidae] F66
    |--Hemimaretia Mortensen 1950 F66
    |    `--*H. elevata (Döderlein 1907) [=Maretia elevata] F66
    |--Laevipatagus Noetling 1885 [incl. Leiospatangus Mayer 1861 (n. n.)] F66
    |    `--*L. bigibbus (von Beyrich 1848) [=Spatangus (Micraster) bigibbus] F66
    |--Paramaretia Mortensen 1950 F66
    |    `--*P. multituberculata Mortensen 1950 F66
    |--Semipetalion Szörényi 1963 F66
    |    `--*S. anomon (Szörényi 1963) [=Atelospatangus (*Semipetalion) anomon] F66
    |--Atelospatangus Koch 1885 (see below for synonymy) F66
    |    |--*A. transilvanicus Koch 1885 F66
    |    `--A. giardinalei (Oppenheim 1899) [=*Lambertia giardinalei, *Oppenheimia giardinalei] F66
    |--Maretia Gray 1855 (see below for synonymy) F66
    |    |--*M. planulata (Lamarck 1816) [=Spatangus planulatus] F66
    |    |--M. hoffmanni (Goldfuss 1826) [=Spatangus hoffmanni, *Hemipatagus hoffmanni] F66
    |    |--*Tuberaster’ tuberculatus Peron & Gauthier 1885 F66
    |    `--M. variegata (Gray 1866) [=Spatangus (Maretia) variegatus] G66
    |--Nacospatangus Agassiz 1873 [=Nacopatagus Agassiz 1881] F66
    |    |--*N. (Nacospatangus) gracilis Agassiz 1873 [=*Nacopatagus gracilis] F66
    |    `--N. (Pseudomaretia Koehler 1914) (see below for synonymy) F66
    |         |--N. (*P.) alta (Agassiz 1863) [=Maretia alta] F66
    |         |--*Lonchophorus’ interruptus Studer 1880 F66
    |         `--*Gonimaretia’ tylota Clark 1917 F66
    `--Spatangus Gray 1825 [incl. Prospatangus Lambert 1902] F66
         |  i. s.: S. multispinus BK77
         |         S. raschi BK77
         |         S. thor BK77
         |--*S. (Spatangus) purpureus (Müller 1776) F66 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. (Granopatagus Lambert 1914) (see below for synonymy) F66
         |    `--S. (*G.) lonchophorus Meneghini in Desor 1858 F66
         |--S. (Phymapatagus Lambert 1910) F66
         |    `--S. (*P.) britannus F66
         `--S. (Platyspatus Pomel 1883) F66
              `--S. (*P.) chitinosus Sismonda 1841 F66

Atelospatangus Koch 1885 [incl. Lambertia Oppenheim 1899 nec Desvoidy 1863 nec Sowerby 1869 nec Perugia 1894, Oppenheimia Cossmann 1900] F66

Maretia Gray 1855 [incl. Hemipatagus Desor 1858, Plagiopatagus Lütken in Fischer 1966 (n. n.), Thrichoproctus Agassiz 1872 (n. n.), Tuberaster Peron & Gauthier 1885] F66

(Pseudomaretia Koehler 1914) [incl. Gonimaretia Clark 1917, Lonchophorus Studer 1880 nec Germar 1824 nec Eschscholtz 1825 nec Schoenherr 1838 nec Lund 1839] F66

Spatangus (Granopatagus Lambert 1914) [incl. Concophorus Laube 1869, Conchophorus (l. c.), Lonchophorus Pomel 1883 nec Germar 1824 nec Eschscholtz 1825 nec Schoenherr 1838 nec Lund 1839 nec Studer 1880] F66

*Spatangus (Spatangus) purpureus (Müller 1776) F66 [=Spatagus purpureus F66; incl. S. meridionalis BK77, S. spinosissimus BK77]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BK77] Barel, C. D. N., & P. G. N. Kramers. 1977. A survey of the echinoderm associates of the north-east Atlantic area. Zoologische Verhandelingen 156: 1–159.

[F66] Fischer, A. G. 1966. Spatangoids. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on invertebrate Paleontology pt U. Echinodermata 3 vol. 2 pp. U543–U628. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas Press.

[G66] Gray, J. E. 1866. Notice of a new species of Spatangus. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 170–171.

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