Dorsal and ventral views of Chauliacia securigera, with close-up of ambulacral disc, by Anthonie C. Oudemans.

Belongs within: Psoroptidia.

The Eustathiidae are a family of mites only found living on the feathers of swifts (Apodi) (Moss et al. 1977).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Genital setae (g) absent. Trochantes I–III without setae; solenidia ς present on genua I–III; proral setae present on all setae, flattened apically; no seta on tarsus I longer than solenidion ω3; tarsi III and IV each with three ventral setae; pretarsal ambulacral discs well developed; condylophores L-shaped.

<==Eustathiidae MPA77
    |--Alleustathia ungulata Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |--Odonteustathia macrognatha Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |--Microchelys delicatula (Trouessart 1899) MPA77
    |--Echineustathia tricapitosetosa (McDaniel 1962) MPA77
    |--Rhynchocaulus paradoxus Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |--Leptolichus amblycercus Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |--Eustathia MPA77
    |    |--E. cultrifera (Robin 1868) MPA77
    |    `--E. oxycerca Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |--Chauliacia MPA77
    |    |--C. canarisi Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
    |    `--C. securigera (Robin 1877) MPA77
    `--Neochauliacia MPA77
         |--N. miniscula Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
         |--N. ocellata Gaud & Atyeo 1967 MPA77
         `--N. selenura (Trouessart 1898) MPA77

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MPA77] Moss, W. W., P. C. Peterson & W. T. Atyeo. 1977. A multivariate assessment of phenetic relationships within the feather mite family Eustathiidae (Acari). Systematic Zoology 26 (4): 386–409.

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