Unedogemmula unedo, copyright Eng's Auctions.

Belongs within: Conoidea.

Unedogemmula is a group of relatively large conoids found in warm waters of the Indo-west Pacific (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell large, 30–105 mm, fusiform, with tall spire and long straight unnotched anterior canal. Protoconch multispiral, narrowly conic, typically smooth of 3–3.5 whorls, terminating in half-whorl of brephic axials, varying to two whorls smooth followed by two axially costate. Sinus peripheral, a deep and narrow slit at the termination of a sinus rib formed of two, sometimes three, sharply raised cords. Coloration plain olive-brown, or with irregularly disposed reddish-brown dots on pale ground to larger maculations and axial streaks. Operculum leaf-shaped with terminal nucleus. Radula of modified wishbone-type, consisting of pair of stout hollow-based conical marginals tapering to sharp point.

<==Unedogemmula MacNeil 1961 BK11
    |--*U. unedo (Kiener 1839) P66, MG-H11 (see below for synonymy)
    |--U. bemmeleni (Oostingh 1941) [=Turris (Gemmula) bemmeleni] P66
    |--U. deshayesii (Doumet 1839) [=Pleurotoma deshayesii, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) deshayesii] P66
    |--U. hastula (Reeve 1843) (see below for synonymy) P66
    |--U. haydeni (Vredenburg 1925) [=Pleurotoma haydeni, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) haydeni] P66
    |--U. ickei (Martin 1906) [=Pleurotoma ickei, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) ickei] P66
    |--U. ina MacNeil 1960 [=Gemmula (Unedogemmula) ina] P66
    |--U. indica (Deshayes 1832) [=Pleurotoma indica, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) indica] P66
    |--U. koolhoveni (Oostingh 1938) [=Turris (Gemmula) koolhoveni] P66
    `--U. sondeiana (Martin 1895) [=Pleurotoma sondeina, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) sondeiana] P66

Unedogemmula hastula (Reeve 1843) [=Pleurotoma hastula, Gemmula (Unedogemmula) hastula; incl. P. trypanodes Melvill 1904] P66

*Unedogemmula unedo (Kiener 1839) P66, MG-H11 [=Pleurotoma unedo P66, Gemmula (*Unedogemmula) unedo P66; incl. Turris binda Garrard 1961 P66]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[P66] Powell, A. W. B. 1966. The molluscan families Speightiidae and Turridae: an evaluation of the valid taxa, both Recent and fossil, with lists of characteristic species. Bulletin of the Auckland Institute and Museum 5: 1–184, pls 1–23.

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