Fumewort Corydalis solida, copyright Bernd Haynold.

Belongs within: Papaveraceae.

Corydalis is a genus of soft-leaved herbs found primarily in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Characters (from Flora of China): Herbs, annual, biennial, or perennial, soft, juicy, usually glabrous. Leaves usually alternate, pinnately or ternately divided. Inflorescence a simple bracteate raceme (occasionally compound with cymose or racemose partial inflorescences). Flowers blue, purple, orange, yellow, or white. Sepals petaloid, usually dentate. Corolla zygomorphic; upper petal spurred. Stamens 2 (i.e., filaments of each triplet completely fused); median upper stamen with a nectariferous appendage at base frequently fused to spur for a shorter or longer portion. Stigma variable. Fruit a usually many-seeded capsule with persistent style. Seeds black, usually with whitish elaiosomes.

    |--C. alburyi O88
    |--C. ambigua T03
    |--C. cashmeriana O88
    |--C. casimiriana O88
    |--C. chaerophylla O88
    |--C. chasmophila O88
    |--C. clavibracteata O88
    |--C. elegans O88
    |--C. flaccida O88
    |--C. gerdae O88
    |--C. govaniana O88
    |--C. hamata O88
    |--C. hendersonii O88
    |--C. hookeri O88
    |--C. juncea O88
    |--C. lathyroides O88
    |--C. latiflora O88
    |--C. longipes O88
    |--C. lutea C55
    |--C. megacalyx O88
    |--C. meifolia O88
    |    |--C. m. var. meifolia O88
    |    `--C. m. var. sikkimensis O88
    |--C. nana O88
    |--C. pachypoda O88
    |--C. polygalina O88
    |--C. pseudojuncea O88
    |--C. solida C55
    |--C. staintonii O88
    |--C. stricta O88
    |--C. sykesii O88
    `--C. trifoliata O88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C55] Candolle, A. de. 1855. Géographie Botanique Raisonée: Ou exposition des faits principaux et des lois concernant la distribution géographique des plantes de l’époque actuelle vol. 2. Librairie de Victor Masson: Paris.

[O88] Ohba, H. 1988. The alpine flora of the Nepal Himalayas: an introductory note. In: Ohba, H., & S. B. Malla (eds) The Himalayan Plants vol. 1. The University Museum, University of Tokyo, Bulletin 31: 19–46.

[T03] Tsurusaki, N. 2003. Phenology and biology of harvestmen in and near Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, with some taxonomical notes on Nelima suzukii n. sp. and allies (Arachnida: Opiliones). Acta Arachnologica 52: 5–24.

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