Maidenhair tree Ginkgo biloba, copyright Liné1.

Belongs within: Spermatophyta.
Contains: Dicranophyllales, Pinopsida.

The Coniferophyta has been recognised as a clade of gymnosperms including conifers, the ginkgo Ginkgo biloba, and the Palaeozoic Cordaitales. Members of this clade have simple, dichotomously veined leaves, simple strobili in the axils of the leaves, and platyspermic seeds (Doyle 1998).

    |  i. s.: Carpentieria frondosa RM01
    |         Dichophyllum RM01
    |         Ginkgophyllum RM01
    |         Polyspermophyllum sergii RM01
    |         Sphenobaiera RM01
    |         Vojnovskyales RM01
    |           |--Sergeia neuburgii RM01
    |           `--Vojnovskya [Vojnovskyaceae] RM01
    |                `--V. paradoxa RM01
    |--Ginkgoopsida [Ginkgophyta] RY03
    |    |  i. s.: Ginkgoites RY03
    |    |         Phoenicopsis RY03
    |    |         Trichopitys heteromorpha RM01
    |    |         Karkenia D98
    |    |         Baiera D98
    |    `--Ginkgoales FC07
    |         |--Nehvizdya penalveri G02
    |         |--Ginkgo [Ginconinae, Ginkgoideae] CD07
    |         |    |--G. baiera GT12
    |         |    |--G. biloba Linnaeus 1771 CD07
    |         |    |--G. huttoni PL12
    |         |    `--G. liaoningensis PL12
    |         |--Eretmophyllum PL12
    |         |--Pseudotorellia PL12
    |         `--Nehvizdyella bipartita PL12
    `--Pan-Coniferae CD07
         |--+--Dicranophyllales RMH-C05
         |  `--Pinopsida FC07
         `--Cordaitales [Cordaitanthales] FC07
              |  i. s.: Cordaites F71
              |           |--C. australis F71
              |           |--C. borassifolius [=Flabellaria borassifolia] F04
              |           `--C. robbii [incl. C. borassifolius] A38
              |         Cordaitanthus devonicus A38
              |--Shanxioxylon FC07
              `--+--Mesoxylon priapii FC07, RMH-C05
                 `--Cordaixylon FC07
                      |--C. dumusum RMH-C05
                      `--C. iowensis MM12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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