Softwood termite Stolotermes ruficeps reproductives, from Farm Forestry New Zealand.

Belongs within: Isoptera.

The Termopsidae is a family of termites whose living representatives have a scattered, anti-tropical distribution. Specialised workers are not present in termopsid colonies (Grimaldi & Engel 2005); instead, nymphs function as workers prior to maturing to reproductive alates.

<==Termopsidae GE05
    |--Cretatermes [Cretatermitinae] GE05
    |    `--C. carpenteri GE05
    `--Termopsinae GE05
         |--Hodotermopsis japonica GE05, TW05
         |--Zootermopsis GE05
         |    |--Z. angusticollis MG06
         |    `--Z. nevadensis M59
         |--Archotermopsis wroughtoni GE05, BB03
         |--Parotermes GE05
         |--Paleotermopsis GE05
         |--Termopsis GE05
         |--Porotermes Hagen 1858 GE05, H42 [incl. Planitermes Sjöstedt 1925 H42]
         |    |--P. adamsoni (Froggatt 1896) (see below for synonymy) H42
         |    `--P. grandis Holmgren 1912 BP01
         `--Stolotermes Hagen 1858 GE05, H42 [Stolotermitinae]
              |--S. australicus Mjöberg 1920 H42
              |--S. brunneicornis (Hagen 1858) [=Hodotermes (Stolotermes) brunneicornis] H42
              |--S. queenslandicus Mjöberg 1920 H42
              |--S. ruficeps Brauer 1865 H42
              `--S. victoriensis Hill 1921 H42

Porotermes adamsoni (Froggatt 1896) [=Calotermes adamsoni; incl. P. froggatti Holmgren 1911 (n. n.), P. grandis Holmgren 1912] H42

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BB03] Brugerolle, G., & C. Bordereau. 2003. Ultrastructure of Joenoides intermedia (Grassé 1952), a symbiotic parabasalid flagellate of Hodotermes mossambicus, and its comparison with other joeniid genera. European Journal of Protistology 39: 1-10.

[BP01] Brugerolle, G., & D. J. Patterson. 2001. Ultrastructure of Joenina pulchella Grassi, 1917 (Protista, Parabasalia), a reassessment of evolutionary trends in the parabasalids, and a new order Cristamonadida for devescovinid, calonymphid and lophomonad flagellates. Organisms Diversity and Evolution 1: 147-160.

[GE05] Grimaldi, D., & M. S. Engel. 2005. Evolution of the Insects. Cambridge University Press: New York.

[H42] Hill, G. F. 1942. Termites (Isoptera) from the Australian Region (including Australia, New Guinea and islands south of the Equator between 140°E. longitude and 170°W. longitude). Commonwealth of Australia Council for Scientific and Industrial Research: Melbourne.

[MG06] Mallatt, J., & G. Giribet. 2006. Further use of nearly complete 28S and 18S rRNA genes to classify Ecdysozoa: 37 more arthropods and a kinorhynch. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40: 772-794.

[M59] Morgan, F. D. 1959. The ecology and external morphology of Stolotermes ruficeps Brauer (Isoptera: Hodotermitidae). Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 86 (1): 155-195.

[TW05] Terry, M. D., & M. F. Whiting. 2005. Mantophasmatodea and phylogeny of the lower neopterous insects. Cladistics 21: 240-257.

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