Fessonia papillosa, photographed by Pfliegler Walter.

Belongs within: Erythraeoidea.

The Smaridinae are a group of predatory mites with a deeply retractable gnathosoma and sensillary areas well behind the eyes. Members of the genus Smaris possess dorsal and ventral shields on the idiosoma, obliterating the crista, whereas such shields are absent in the genera Kraussiana and Fessonia and a distinct crista is present (Southcott 1961).

Characters (from Southcott 1961): Adults and nymphs with eyes anterior to both sensillary areas. Sensillary areas well behind nasus. Two eyes on each side.

<==Smaridinae [Fessoniinae] S61
    |--Kraussiana Southcott 1961 S61
    |    |--*K. brevicristata (Meyer & Ryke 1959) [=Fessonia brevicristata] S61
    |    `--K. mitsukoae Shiba 1976 S76
    |--Fessonia von Heyden 1826 [incl. Aecosmaris (l. c.), Oecosmaris Grandjean 1947] S61
    |    |--*F. papillosa (Hermann 1804) S61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--F. australiensis Southcott 1946 H98
    |    |--F. callitricha (Grandjean 1947) S61 [=*Oecosmaris callitricha G47a]
    |    `--F. taylori Southcott 1961 H98
    `--Smaris Latreille 1796 H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. squamata (Hermann 1804) S61 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. arenicola Southcott 1997 H98
         |--S. biscutatus Meyer & Ryke 1959 S61
         |--S. cooperi Southcott 1961 H98
         |--‘Smaridia’ depilata Berlese 1888 [=*Samouella depilata] S61
         |--S. grandjeani (Oudemans 1941) E-VVM-M07, S61 [=*Leuchsia grandjeani S61]
         |--S. lanceolata E-VVM-M07
         |--S. philopempta (Grandjean 1947) [=*Sclerosmaris philopempta] S61
         |--S. prominens (Banks 1916) H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*Veithia’ schneideri (n. d.) S61
         |--‘Smaridia’ scopula T04
         `--‘Smaridia’ vestita Gervais 1849 (n. d.) [=Leuchsia vestita] S61

*Fessonia papillosa (Hermann 1804) S61 [=Trombidium papillosum S61, Oecosmaris papillosa G47a, Rhyncholophus papillosus S61, Smaridia papillosa S61, Smaris papillosum G47a]

Smaris Latreille 1796 H98 [incl. Dugesia Berlese 1883 non Girard 1850 S61, Leuchsia Oudemans 1941 S61, Samouella Oudemans 1941 S61, Sclerosmaris Grandjean 1947 S61, Smaridia Latreille 1817 S61, Smariidia (l. c.) S61, Veithia Oudemans 1941 S61]

Smaris prominens (Banks 1916) H98 [=Fessonia prominens H98, Calyptostoma prominens H98, Sclerosmaris prominens G47b]

Smaris squamata (Hermann 1804) S61 [=Trombidium squamatum S61, Dugesia squamata S61, Rhyncholophus squamatus S61, Smaridia squamata S61, Smaridia squammatum (l. c.) S61, Dugesia impressa Berlese 1883 nec Koch 1837 nec Canestrini 1882 S61; incl. Smaris latreillei Grandjean 1947 S61, Sclerosmaris latreillei S61, Acarus sambuci Latreille 1796 non Schranck 1781 S61, Phthirium sambuci G20, Smaridia sambuci S61, *Smaris sambuci S61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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