Fessonia papillosa, photographed by Pfliegler Walter.

Belongs within: Erythraeoidea.

The Smaridinae are a group of predatory mites with a deeply retractable gnathosoma and sensillary areas well behind the eyes (Southcott 1961).

Characters (from Southcott 1961): Adults and nymphs with eyes anterior to both sensillary areas. Sensillary areas well behind nasus. Two eyes on each side.

<==Smaridinae [Fessoniinae] S61
    |--Kraussiana Southcott 1961 S61
    |    `--*K. brevicristata (Meyer & Ryke 1959) [=Fessonia brevicristata] S61
    |--Fessonia Heyden 1826 [incl. Aecosmaris (l. c.), Oecosmaris Grandjean 1947, Veithia Oudemans 1941] S61
    |    |--*F. papillosa (Hermann 1804) [=Trombidium papillosum, Rhyncholophus papillosus, Smaridia papillosa] S61
    |    |--F. australiensis Southcott 1946 S61
    |    `--F. callitricha (Grandjean 1947) [=Oecosmaris callitricha] S61
    `--Smaris Latreille 1796 (see below for synonymy) S61
         |--S. squamata (Hermann 1804) (see below for synonymy) S61
         |--S. biscutatus Meyer & Ryke 1959 S61
         |--‘Smaridia’ depilata Berlese 1888 [=*Samouella depilata] S61
         |--*Leuchsia’ grandjeani Oudemans 1941 S61
         |--S. philopempta (Grandjean 1947) [=*Sclerosmaris philopempta] S61
         |--S. prominens (Banks 1916) S61
         |--*Veithia’ schneideri (n. d.) S61
         `--‘Smaridia’ vestita Gervais 1849 (n. d.) [=Leuchsia vestita] S61

Smaris Latreille 1796 [incl. Dugesia Berlese 1883 non Girard 1850, Leuchsia Oudemans 1941, Samouella Oudemans 1941, Sclerosmaris Grandjean 1947, Smaridia Latreille 1817, Smariidia (l. c.)] S61

Smaris squamata (Hermann 1804) [=Trombidium squamatum, Dugesia squamata, Rhyncholophus squamatus, Smaridia squamata, Smaridia squammatum (l. c.), Dugesia impressa Berlese 1883 nec Koch 1837 nec Canestrini 1882; incl. Sclerosmaris latreillei Grandjean 1947, Smaris latreillei, Acarus sambuci Latreille 1796 non Schranck 1781, Smaridia sambuci, *Smaris sambuci] S61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S61] Southcott, R. V. 1961. Studies on the systematics and biology of the Erythraeoidea (Acarina), with a critical revision of the genera and subfamilies. Australian Journal of Zoology 9: 367-610.

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