Campascus minutus, from here.

Belongs within: Thecofilosea.

The Psammonobiotidae is a family of shelled amoeboids that live in the interstitial habitat between sand grains. Most genera in the family are marine, though the majority of Campascus species inhabit fresh water (Nicholls 2003).

Characters (from Nicholls 2003): Test covered with irregularly-shaped, flat particles, apparently of exogenous origin. Flared collar present surrounding oral aperture.

    |--Edaphonobiotus N03
    |--Alepiella Golemansky 1970 N03, G86
    |    `--A. tricornuta Golemansky 1970 G86
    |--Chardezia Golemansky 1970 G86
    |    `--C. caudata Golemansky 1970 G86
    |--Corythionelloides Sudzuki 1979 G86
    |    `--C. fumiana Sudzuki 1979 G86
    |--Micropsammella Golemansky 1970 N03, G86
    |    |--M. minima Chardez & Thomas 1980 G86
    |    `--M. retorta Golemansky 1970 [incl. M. retorta var. japonica Sudzuki 1979] G86
    |--Psammonobiotus Golemansky 1967 G86
    |    |--P. balticus Golemansky 1973 G86
    |    |--P. communis Golemansky 1967 G86
    |    |--P. golemanskyi Chardez 1971 G86
    |    |--P. linearis Golemansky 1970 G86
    |    |--P. minutus Golemansky 1970 G86
    |    |--P. plana Chardez 1971 G86
    |    `--P. septentrionalis Chardez 1977 G86
    `--Campascus Leidy 1877 N03
         |--*C. cornutus Leidy 1877 N03
         |--C. bidens Krascheninnikov 1923 N03
         |--C. cyphoderiformis Chardez & Gaspar 1984 N03
         |--C. dentatus Edmondson & Kingman 1913 N03
         |--C. interstitialis Golemansky 1981 N03
         |--C. minutus Penard 1899 N03
         |--C. simcoei Nicholls 2003 N03
         |--C. triqueter Penard 1891 N03
         `--C. vulgaris Valkanov 1936 N03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G86] Golemansky, V. G. 1986. Rhizopoda: Testacea. In Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) (L. Botosaneanu, ed.) pp. 5-16. E. J. Brill / Dr. W. Backhuys: Leiden.

[N03] Nicholls, K. H. 2003. Form variation in Campascus minutus and a description of Campascus simcoei sp. n. (Testaceafilosea, Psammonobiotidae). European Journal of Protistology 39 (1): 103-112.

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