Citrus blackfly Aleurocanthus woglumi adult and nymphs, from Bayer Pflanzenschutz Archive.

Belongs within: Sternorrhyncha.

The Aleyrodidae, whiteflies, are small plant-sucking bugs with immobile nymphs, some species of which are notorious crop pests.

Characters (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Adults usually covered with a mealy, flocculent wax, secreted by pairs of large glands on several abdominal sternites, spread over body using combs of hairs on hind legs. Antennae reduced to six or fewer segments; rostrum with four segments, segment two telescoping into segment one. Wing venation extremely reduced. First instar mobile; subsequent instars sedentary, with atrophied appendages; vasiform orifice present at tip of abdomen for expelling honeydew: anus opening into deep median fold in tergite eight, with lingula flicking away droplets forming therein; quiescent prepupal and pupal instars present prior to adulthood.

<==Aleyrodidae [Aleyrodoidea, Aleyrodomorpha]
    |  i. s.: Dialeurodes S35
    |           |--D. citri S35
    |           `--D. pallidus G01
    |         Trialeurodes vaporariorum S35
    |         Parabemisia myricae MHG04
    |--Heidea cretacica GE05
    |--Bernaea [Bernaeinae] GE05
    |    `--B. neocomica GE05
    `--+--Siphonaleyrodinae S35
       |--Aleurodicinae S35
       |    |--Radialeurodicus Bondar 1923 S35
       |    |--Udamoselis Enderlein 1909 [Udamoselinae] S35
       |    |--Synaleurodicus Solomon 1935 S35
       |    |    `--*S. hakeae Solomon 1935 S35
       |    `--Aleurodicus S35
       |         |--‘Aleyrodes’ albofloccosa (Froggatt 1918) S35
       |         `--A. dispersus ZS10
       `--Aleyrodinae S35
            |--Tetraleurodes stypheliae (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes stypheliae] S35
            |--Zaphanera Corbett 1926 S35
            |--Aleurochiton forbesii S35
            |--Aleyrodes S35
            |    |--A. atriplex (Froggatt 1911) S35
            |    `--A. brassicae I92
            |--Aleurolobus S35
            |    |--A. barodensis MHG04
            |    `--A. niger (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes niger] S35
            |--Bemisia S35
            |    |--B. argentifolii F04
            |    |--B. decipiens (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes decipiens] S35
            |    `--B. tabaci F04
            |--Aleurotrachelus Quaintance & Baker 1914 S35
            |    |--A. croceatus (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes croceatus] S35
            |    |--A. dryandrae Solomon 1935 S35
            |    `--A. limbatus (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes limbatus] S35
            `--Aleurocanthus S35
                 |--A. banksiae (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes banksiae] S35
                 |--A. hirsutus (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes hirsutus] S35
                 |--A. rugosa G01
                 |--A. t-signatus (Maskell 1896) [=Aleyrodes t-signatus] S35
                 `--A. woglumi MHG04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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