Ruddy cuckoo dove Macropygia emiliana, photographed by Johannes Pfleiderer.

Belongs within: Columbidae.

Macropygia, the cuckoo doves, is a genus of pigeons found in southern Asia and Australasia. Members of this genus have brown plumage, usually more boldly barred in the females, and long, graduated tails.

<==Macropygia Swainson 1837 [Macropygiinae] B94
    |--M. amboinensis J06
    |    |--M. a. amboinensis J06
    |    |--M. a. albiceps J06
    |    |--M. a. quinkan M03
    |    |--M. a. robinsoni M03
    |    `--M. a. sanghirensis R02
    |--M. emiliana JT12
    |--M. mackinlayi JT12
    |--M. magna JT12
    |--M. nigrirostris JT12
    |--M. phasianella T62 [=M. amboinensis phasianella M03]
    |--M. ruficeps T62
    |    |--M. r. ruficeps T62
    |    `--M. r. assimilis T62
    |--M. rufipennis JT12
    |--M. tenuirostris JT12 [=M. phasianella tenuirostris T62]
    `--M. unchall T62
         |--M. u. unchall T62
         `--M. u. tusalia T62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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