Palaeoephippium bifurcum, from here.

Belongs within: Radiozoa.

The Palaeoscenidiidae are a family of radiolarians known from the Ordovician to the Jurassic.

Characters (from MacDonald 2004): Five or more rays from ends of median bar or point center, separated into apical and basal hemispheres, may be rays between hemispheres. With or without shell, formed by branching of basal rays, less commonly by all rays.

Palaeoscenidiidae [Entactinaria]
    |--Palaeoscenidium Deflandre 1953 M04
    |--Palaeotrifidus ballator Renz 1990 M04
    |--Fukujius yamakoshii Furutani 1990 M04
    |--Palaeotripus Goodbody 1986 M04
    |    `--P. sexabrachiatus Renz 1990 M04
    |--Palaeopyramidium Goodbody 1986 M04
    |    `--*P. spinosum Goodbody 1986 M04
    |--Holdsworthum Furutani 1990 M04
    |    `--*H. japonicus Furutani 1990 M04
    |--Protoentactinia Kozur, Mostler & Repetski 1996 (see below for synonymy) M04
    |    |--*P. gracilispinosa Kozur, Mostler & Repetski 1996 M04
    |    `--P. tricorne (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoephippium tricorne] M04
    |--Goodbodium Furutani 1990 M04
    |    |--*G. flammatum (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoscenidium flammatum; incl. G. elegans Furutani 1990] M04
    |    |--G. nishiyamai Furutani 1990 M04
    |    `--G. rarispinosum (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoscenidium rarispinosum] M04
    |--Insolitignum MacDonald 1999 M04
    |    |--*I. dissimile (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoephippium dissimile; incl. I. peraniuma MacDonald 1999] M04
    |    |--I. cancellatum (Goodbody 1986) (see below for synonymy) M04
    |    `--I. vivanima MacDonald 1999 M04
    |--Palaeodecaradium Goodbody 1986 M04
    |    |--*P. umbelliforme Goodbody 1986 M04
    |    |--P. apertum (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoscenidium apertum; incl. Palaeotripus nudus Goodbody 1986] M04
    |    `--P. gordoni MacDonald 2004 M04
    `--Palaeoephippium Goodbody 1986 M04
         |--*P. bifurcum Goodbody 1986 [incl. P. aranea Goodbody 1986] M04
         |--P. echinatum Goodbody 1986 M04
         |--‘Palaeotripus’ impariramosus Goodbody 1986 M04
         |--P. multiramosum Goodbody 1986 M04
         |--P. octoramosum Renz 1990 M04
         |--P. radices Goodbody 1986 [incl. P. ramipendentes Goodbody 1986, P. reteforme Goodbody 1986] M04
         `--P. spinosum Goodbody 1986 [incl. Palaeotripus monospinosum Goodbody 1986] M04

Insolitignum cancellatum (Goodbody 1986) [=Palaeoscenidium cancellatum; incl. Palaeoephippium adraini MacDonald 1999, Palaeotripus cancellatus Goodbody 1986] M04

Protoentactinia Kozur, Mostler & Repetski 1996 [incl. Noblella Kozur, Mostler & Repetski 1996; Protoentactiniidae] M04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M04] MacDonald, E. W. 2004. Palaeoscenidiidae (Radiolaria) from the Lower Silurian of the Cape Phillips Formation, Cornwallis Island, Nunavut, Canada. Journal of Paleontology 78: 257-274.

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