Parnell's moustached bat Pteronotus parnellii, copyright Brock Fenton.

Belongs within: Noctilionoidea.

The Mormoopidae, moustached bats and ghost-faced bats, are family of bats found in tropical and subtropical parts of the New World, characterised by complex outgrowths of the lower lip that take the place of the nose leaf found in other bat groups.

Characters (from Miller 1907): Teeth normal; humerus without secondary articulation with scapula, the tubercles short, rising scarcely above level of head, epitrochlea small, hardly more than base to large spinous process; muzzle without nose leaf; lower lip with plate-like outgrowths.

<==Mormoopidae (see below for synonymy)
    |--Mormoops Leach 1821 [incl. Aello Leach 1821] M07
    |    |--*M. blainvillii M07
    |    |--*Aello’ cuvieri M07
    |    |--M. magna Silva Taboada 1974 AC98
    |    `--M. megalophylla Peters 1864 MB86
    `--Pteronotus Gray 1838 K92, C57 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*P. davyi Gray 1838 [=Chilonycteris davyi, Dermonotus davyi] C57
         |    |--P. d. davyi MB86
         |    `--P. d. fulvus (Thomas 1892) MB86 [incl. P. suapurensis calvus Goodwin 1958 G69]
         |--P. gymnonotus (Wagner 1843) K06, C57 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. macleayii (Gray 1839) K92 [=*Chilonycteris macleayii C57; incl. Lobostoma cinnamomeum G66]
         |--P. parnellii MB86 [=*Phyllodia parnellii M07]
         |    |--P. p. parnellii MB86
         |    `--P. p. mexicanus (Miller 1902) MB86 [=P. rubiginosa mexicana G69]
         |--P. personata (Wagner 1843) G69, C57 [=Chilonycteris personata C57, Chylonycteris personatus C57]
         |    |--P. p. personatus G69
         |    `--P. p. psilotis (Dobson 1878) G69, C57 [=Chilonycteris psilotis C57]
         |--P. pristinus Silva Taboada 1974 AC98
         |--P. quadridens IT07
         `--P. rubiginosa (Wagner 1843) G69, C57 [=Chilonycteris rubiginosus C57, C. rubiginosa G69]
              |--P. r. rubiginosa G69
              `--P. r. fusca (Allen 1911) G69, C57 [=Chilonycteris rubiginosa fusca C57]

Mormoopidae [Chilonycteriinae, Chilonycterinae, Lobostomidae, Lobostominae, Mormopes, Mormophidae, Mormopida, Mormopidae, Mormopinae, Mormopini, Mormopsina, Phyllodiana] ST01

Pteronotus Gray 1838 K92, C57 [incl. Chilonycteris Gray 1839 G69, C57, Dermonotus Gill 1901 C57, Lobostoma Gundlach 1840 C57, Phyllodia Gray 1843 C57]

Pteronotus gymnonotus (Wagner 1843) K06, C57 [=Chilonycteris gymnonotus C57; incl. Dermonotus suapurensis Allen 1904 C57, Pteronotus suapurensis K06]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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