Small-billed tinamou Crypturellus parvirostris, copyright Dario Sanches.

Belongs within: Aves.

The Tinamidae, tinamous, are superficially partridge-like birds found in South America. They are the only living flighted members of the palaeognath clade. Tinamous are small to medium-sized, plump terrestrial birds with short, strong legs and a rudimentary tail (Internet Bird Collection).

<==Tinamidae [Crypturi, Crypturidae, Dromaeomorphae, Pantinamidae, Tinami, Tinamiformes]
    |  i. s.: Nothocercus JT12
    |           |--N. bonapartei JT12
    |           |--N. julius JT12
    |           `--N. nigrocapillus JT12
    |         Taoniscus nanus JT12
    |         Crypturus soui S18
    |           |--C. s. soui S18
    |           `--C. s. modestus S18
    |--+--+--Eudromia Geoffroy St.-Hilaire 1832 JT12, B94 [Eudromiidae]
    |  |  |    |--E. elegans HK08
    |  |  |    `--E. formosa JT12
    |  |  `--Tinamotis Vigors 1837 JT12, B94 [Tinamotidae, Tinamotididae]
    |  |       |--T. ingoufi JT12
    |  |       `--T. pentlandii JT12
    |  `--+--Nothura JT12
    |     |    |--N. boraquira M03
    |     |    |--N. chacoensis JT12
    |     |    |--N. darwinii C04
    |     |    |--N. maculosa ZJM03
    |     |    `--N. minor JT12
    |     `--Nothoprocta JT12
    |          |  i. s.: N. ornata JT12
    |          |         N. pentlandii JT12
    |          |         N. taczanowskii JT12
    |          |--+--N. cinerascens BKB15
    |          |  `--Rhynchotus Spix 1825 BKB15, B94 [Rhynchotidae]
    |          |       |--R. maculicollis JT12
    |          |       `--R. rufescens M03
    |          `--+--N. curvirostris O93
    |             |--N. perdicaria BKB15
    |             |    |--N. p. perdicaria L81
    |             |    `--N. p. sanborni L81
    |             `--‘Tinamus’ tao BKB15
    `--+--Tinamus Hermann 1783 JT12, B94 [incl. Cryptura Illiger 1811 B94]
       |    |--T. castaneiceps S18
       |    |--T. guttatus HK08
       |    |--T. major (Gmelin 1789) [=Tetrao major] C04
       |    |--T. osgoodi JT12
       |    |--T. robustus [=T. major robustus] T62
       |    `--T. solitarius M03
       `--Crypturellus JT12
            |  i. s.: C. atrocapillus JT12
            |         C. bartletti JT12
            |         C. berlepschi JT12
            |         C. boucardi ZJM03
            |         C. brevirostris JT12
            |         C. casiquiare JT12
            |         C. cinereus JT12
            |         C. cinnamomeus M03
            |         C. duidae JT12
            |         C. erythropus JT12
            |         C. kerriae JT12
            |         C. noctivagus C04
            |         C. ptaritepui JT12
            |         C. transfasciatus JT12
            |--C. soui BKB15
            `--+--+--C. strigulosus BKB15
               |  `--C. undulatus BKB15
               `--+--+--C. obsoletus BKB15
                  |  `--C. tataupa JT12
                  `--+--C. parvirostris BKB15
                     `--C. variegatus BKB15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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