Brachymeria (Brachymeria)

Brachymeria ucalegon, a parasitoid of blow fly larvae, photographed by C. Bento.

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.

Brachymeria subgenus Brachymeria includes both primary parasitic and hyperparasitic wasps in pupae of holometabolous insects, particularly Lepidoptera (Bouček 1988).

See also: Brachymeria perflavipes and beyond.

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Malar suture between eye and mouth distinct, usually indicated by a carina; thorax rather densely punctured, dorsally convex; propodeum with rough alveolation reaching its anterior margin; propodeal spiracle elongate in oblique subhorizontal direction; postmarginal vein much shorter than marginal vein, often longer than stigmal vein, latter very short; hind legs at most moderately thickened; apex of hind tibia tapering into a strong spine extended far beyond insertion of tarsus; gaster attached at coxae; petiole very short, mostly concealed in dorsal view.

<==Brachymeria (Brachymeria) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--*B. (B.) minuta (Linnaeus 1767) [=Vespa minuta, Chalcis minuta; incl. C. pusilla, Haltichella pusilla] B88
    |--B. (B.) albitegula (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis albitegula] B88
    |--B. (B.) aligherei (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis aligherei] B88
    |--B. (B.) anselmi (Girault 1926) B88 (see below for synonymy)
    |--B. (B.) aurea (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis aurea; incl. C. delii Girault 1924] B88
    |--B. (B.) australiensis (Girault 1913) [=Tumidicoxa (Tumidicoxella) australiensis] B88
    |--B. (B.) borealis (Girault 1915) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) bouceki Narendran 1978 B88
    |--B. (B.) brisbanensis (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis brisbanensis; incl. C. miltoni Girault 1926] B88
    |--B. (B.) browningi (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis browningi] B88
    |--B. (B.) caesar (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis caesar] B88
    |--B. (B.) cailliaudii (Montrousier 1864) [=Chalcis cailliaudii] B88
    |--B. (B.) confalonierii [=B. (*Neobrachymeria) confalonierii] B88
    |--B. (B.) corneillei (Girault 1924) [=Chalcis corneillei; incl. C. aequalipunctatus Girault 1924] B88
    |--B. (B.) cosmophilae (Girault 1925) [=Chalcis cosmophilae] B88
    |--B. (B.) curtisi (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis curtisi] B88
    |--B. (B.) decens (Girault 1929) [=Chalcis decens] B88
    |--B. (B.) edna (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis pomonae var. edna] B88
    |--B. (B.) euploeae (Westwood 1837) [=Chalcis (B.) euploeae] B88
    |--B. (B.) falsosa (Vachal 1907) [=Chalcis falsosa] B88
    |--B. (B.) froggatti (Cameron 1912) [=Chalcis froggatti] B88
    |--B. (B.) hercules (Girault 1913) [=Pseudopitelea (l. c.) hercules, Chalcis hercules] B88
    |--B. (B.) hypolycaenae (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis hypolycaenae] B88
    |--B. (B.) indignator (Walker 1862) [=Halticella indignator] B88
    |--B. (B.) internata (Walker 1862) [=Halticella internata] B88
    |--B. (B.) judaei (Girault 1937) [=Chalcis judaei] B88
    |--B. (B.) juno (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis juno; incl. C. leo Girault 1933, C. minerva Girault 1927] B88
    |--B. (B.) lasus (Walker 1841) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) lugubris (Walker 1871) [=Chalcis lugubris; incl. C. atrata Kirby 1883] B88
    |--B. (B.) mariana (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis schuberti var. mariana] B88
    |--B. (B.) marmonti (Girault 1924) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) megaspila (Cameron 1907) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) menoni Joseph, Narendran & Joy 1972 B88
    |--B. (B.) minutissima (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis minutissimus] B88
    |--B. (B.) mochii Masi 1936 B88
    |--*Tumidicoxa’ nigra B88
    |--B. (B.) nigricoxa (Girault 1913) [=Tumidicoxa (*Tumidicoxella) nigricoxa, Chalcis nigricoxa] B88
    |--B. (B.) nortia (Girault 1929) [=Chalcis plutellophaga var. nortia] B88
    |--B. (B.) ogyrisidis (Girault 1922) [=Chalcis ogyrisidis] B88
    |--B. (B.) opponens (Walker 1871) [=Chalcis opponens] B88
    |--B. (B.) pandani (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis pandani] B88
    |--B. (B.) parvicorpus (Girault 1925) [=Chalcis parvicorpus] B88
    |--B. (B.) perflavipes (Girault 1915) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) persplendidipes (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis persplendidipes] B88
    |--B. (B.) phya (Walker 1838) [=Chalcis phya; incl. C. bachi Girault 1924] B88
    |--B. (B.) piratica (Brues 1918) [=Chalcis piraticus] B88
    |--B. (B.) plutellophaga (Girault 1922) [=Tumidicoxella plutellophaga] B88
    |--B. (B.) podagrica (Fabricius 1787) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) pomonae (Cameron 1912) [=Chalcis pomonae] B88
    |--B. (B.) puella (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis puella] B88
    |--B. (B.) redia (Girault 1929) [=Chalcis redia] B88
    |--B. (B.) rubrifemur (Girault 1913) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) ruficornis (Girault 1913) [=Tumidicoxa ruficornis] B88
    |--B. (B.) rufifemur (Girault 1913) [=Tumidicoxa rufifemur] B88
    |--B. (B.) salomonis (Cameron 1911) [=Chalcis salomonis] B88
    |--B. (B.) sanguiniventris (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis calliphorae sanguiniventris] B88
    |--B. (B.) schuberti (Girault 1924) [=Chalcis schuberti] B88
    |--B. (B.) shakespearei (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis shakespearei] B88
    |--B. (B.) shellyi (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis shellyi] B88
    |--B. (B.) sidnica Holmgren 1868 (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) taiwana [=Chalcis taiwana, B. (*Matsumurameria) taiwana] B88
    |--B. (B.) terribilis (Brues 1928) [=Chalcis terribilis] B88
    |--B. (B.) teuta (Walker 1841) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) ucalegon (Walker 1846) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--B. (B.) unguttifemur (Girault 1926) [=Chalcis unguttifemur] B88
    |--B. (B.) vergilii (Girault 1927) [=Chalcis rubripes vergilii] B88
    |--B. (B.) veronesini (Girault 1924) [=Chalcis veronesini] B88
    |--B. (B.) vicaria (Walker 1861) B88
    |--B. (B.) victoria (Girault 1913) [=Tumidicoxa victoria, Chalcis victoria] B88
    `--B. (B.) yamalae (Girault 1924) [=Chalcis yamalae] B88

Brachymeria Westwood in Stephens 1829 (Brachymeria) [incl. Brachepitelia Girault 1913, Matsumurameria Habu 1960, Neobrachymeria Masi 1929, Pseudepitelia Girault 1913, Tumidicoxa Girault 1911, Tumidicoxella Girault 1913, Tumidicoxoides Girault 1913] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) anselmi (Girault 1926) B88 [=Chalcis anselmi B88; incl. Tumidicoxoides pulchripes Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915 non Brachymeria pulchripes Holmgren 1868 B88, C. pulchripes GM79, C. xenophoni Girault 1930 B88]

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) borealis (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis robusta var. borealis; incl. C. epicteti Girault 1924, C. rex Girault 1924, C. robusta Girault 1915 non Cresson 1865] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) lasus (Walker 1841) [=Chalcis lasus; incl. C. regina var. copernici Girault 1936, C. regina var. dentata Girault 1915, C. nitator Walker 1862, C. papuana Cameron 1913, Tumidicoxa regina Girault 1913, C. regina] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) marmonti (Girault 1924) [=Chalcis marmonti; incl. B. koduvalliensis Joseph, Narendran & Joy 1973, C. wittei Schmitz 1946] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) megaspila (Cameron 1907) [=Chalcis megaspila; incl. C. koebelei Crawford 1910, C. poema Girault 1927] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) perflavipes (Girault 1915) [=Chalcis perflavipes, Tumidicoxa flavipes Girault 1925 non Chalcis flavipes Fabricius 1793] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) podagrica (Fabricius 1787) [=Chalcis podagrica; incl. C. dipterophaga Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915, *Tumidicoxoides kurandaensis Girault 1913, Brachymeria kurandaensis, Chalcis kurandanensis, Tumidicoxoides paucipunctatus Girault 1915, C. vegai Girault 1924] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) rubrifemur (Girault 1913) [=*Pseudepitelia rubrifemur, Chalcis rubrifemur; incl. C. ruskini Girault 1915] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) sidnica Holmgren 1868 [incl. Chalcis elijahi Girault 1927, C. multicolor Girault 1915 non Kieffer 1905, C. silvae Girault 1924, C. tegularis Cameron 1912 non Cresson 1872, C. thymus Girault 1917, Pseudepitelia tricolor Girault 1913 non Chalcis tricolor Förster 1859] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) teuta (Walker 1841) [=Chalcis teuta; incl. *Brachepitelia rubripes Girault 1913, C. rubripes, Tumidicoxa (Tumidicoxella) tasmaniensis Girault 1913] B88

Brachymeria (Brachymeria) ucalegon (Walker 1846) [=Chalcis ucalegon; incl. C. calliphorae Froggatt 1916, C. rubriventris Girault 1915, Tumidicoxa rufiventris Girault 1913 non Chalcis rufiventris Kieffer 1905] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[GM79] Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 1-400.

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