Antrocephalus sp., photographed by Charissa de Lange.

Belongs within: Haltichellinae.

Antrocephalus is an Old World genus of wasps (with a single species introduced to South America) that mostly parasitises Lepidoptera. Mature wasps emerge from the host pupa (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Frons at inner margins of eyes with distinct carina on either side, clearly curving in before lateral ocelli and uniting behind median ocellus; pronotum frequently with keels running obliquely from anterior shoulders towards a point just before middle of posterior margin but there ending as two tubercles separated by a narrow median depression; axillae separated from each other by the base of scutellum; forewing with postmarginal vein distinctly developed, marginal vein virtually on the very margin of wing; hind femur sometimes with comb beginning in proximal third on a very low looth, then for a distance almost straight before a subapical lobe, or comb shortened.

<==Antrocephalus Kirby 1883 (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--*A. fascicornis [=Halticella fascicornis]
    |--*Tainania’ acutiventris B88
    |--A. anna (Girault 1930) [=*Stomatocerella anna, Stomatoceras anna] B88
    |--A. atritegula (Girault 1926) [=Stomatoceras atritegula] B88
    |--A. aureus (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras aureus] B88
    |--A. australiensis (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras australiensis] B88
    |--A. ballaratensis (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras ballaratensis] B88
    |--A. bicolor (Ashmead 1900) [=Haltichella bicolor] B88
    |--A. bicoloris Bouček 1988 (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--A. bidens (Girault 1917) [=Stomatoceroides bidens] B88
    |--A. burnsi (Girault 1927) [=*Metarretocera burnsi] B88
    |--A. carinifrons [=*Coelochalcis carinifrons] B88
    |--A. carlylei (Girault 1917) [=Stomatoceras carlylei] B88
    |--A. carpocapsae Cameron 1912 [incl. Anthrocephalus (l. c.) erythrogaster Cameron 1912] B88
    |--A. clariscapus (Dodd 1917) B88 (see below for synonymy)
    |--A. conicalis (Girault 1930) [=Stomatoceras conicalis] B88
    |--A. dipterophagus (Girault 1922) [=Stomatoceras dipterophagus] B88
    |--A. disconiger (Girault 1929) [=Stomatoceras disconiger] B88
    |--A. dividens B88
    |--A. eracon (Walker 1838) [=Hockeria eracon] B88
    |--A. fabricator (Walker 1862) [=Halticella fabricator] B88
    |--A. fasciatipennis (Bingham 1906) [=Stomatoceras fasciatipennis] B88
    |--A. fuscipennatus Bouček 1988 (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--A. fuscipennis (Girault 1913) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--A. ghirlandajoni (Girault 1922) [=Stomatoceras ghirlandajoni] B88
    |--A. gracilicorpus (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras gracilicorpus] B88
    |--A. hackeri (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras hackeri] B88
    |--A. hallami (Girault 1920) [=Stomatoceras hallami] B88
    |--A. hazlitti (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras hazlitti] B88
    |--A. imbili (Girault 1938) [=Stomatoceras imbili] B88
    |--A. insipiens (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceroides insipiens] B88
    |--A. insularis (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides insularis] B99
    |--A. kirbyi (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras kirbyi] B88
    |--A. leai (Girault 1914) [=Stomatoceras leai] B88
    |--A. livii (Girault 1921) [=Stomatoceras livii] B88
    |--A. longicornis (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras longicornis] B88
    |--A. luci (Girault 1927) [=Stomatoceras luci] B88
    |--A. maeterlincki (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras maeterlincki] B88
    |--A. marginiceps Cameron 1912 [=Anthrocephalus (l. c.) marginiceps] B88
    |--A. melitarae (Girault 1925) [=Stomatoceras dipterophagus melitarae] B88
    |--A. minor (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras minor] B88
    |--A. mitys (Walker 1846) [=Halticella mitys; incl. Stomatoceras bergeraci Girault 1921] B88
    |--*Sabatiella’ nigra B88
    |--A. nigricornis (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides nigricornis] B88
    |--A. nigricorpus (Girault 1914) [=Stomatoceroides nigricorpus] B88
    |--A. nigripennis Cameron 1907 B88
    |--A. nigripes (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides nigripes] B88
    |--A. nigriscapus (Girault 1914) [=Stomatoceras nigriscapus] B88
    |--A. novifuscipennis (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras novifuscipennis] B88
    |--A. nyssa (Walker 1838) [=Hockeria nyssa, Haltichella nyssa; incl. Ho. proxenus Walker 1839, Ha. proxena] B88
    |--A. omphale (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras omphale] B88
    |--A. palgravei (Girault 1926) [=Stomatoceras palgravei] B88
    |--A. parvivespa (Girault 1929) [=Stomatoceras parvivespa] B88
    |--A. peraustralis (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras peraustralis] B88
    |--A. primus (Girault 1930) [=*Uda prima] B88
    |--A. prolongatus (Girault 1930) [=Stomatoceras prolongatus] B88
    |--A. ratzeburgei (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras ratzeburgei] B88
    |--A. rousseaui (Girault 1917) [=Stomatoceras rosseaui] B88
    |--A. rubipes (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides rubipes; incl. S. rubripes Girault 1914] B88
    |--A. rufipes [=*Dilla rufipes, *Dillisca rufipes] B88
    |--A. saltensis (Girault 1927) [=Stomatoceras saltensis] B88
    |--A. salti (Girault 1927) [=Stomatoceras carlylei var. salti] B88
    |--A. spilogaster Cameron 1912 [=Anthrocephalus (l. c.) spilogaster] B88
    |--A. stokesi (Crawford 1911) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--A. tenebricosus (Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras tenebricosus] B88
    |--A. terrae (Girault 1930) [=Stomatoceras terrae] B88
    |--A. thaumasuroides (Girault 1930) [=Stomatoceras thaumasuroides] B88
    |--A. theclavorae (Girault 1930) [=Stomatoceras theclavorae] B88
    |--A. tineophagus (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras tineophagus] B88
    |--A. unmaculatus (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras unmaculatus] B88
    |--A. varius (Girault 1915) [=Stomatoceras varius] B88
    |--A. versicolor (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides versicolor] B88
    |--A. vespella (Girault 1929) [=Stomatoceras vespella] B88
    `--A. victoria (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceras victoria] B88

Antrocephalus Kirby 1883 [incl. Coelochalcis Cameron 1904, Dilla Strand 1911, Dillisca Ghesquière 1946, Metarretocera Girault 1927, Sabatiella Masi 1929, Stomatocerella Girault 1930, Stomatoceroides Girault 1913, Tainania Masi 1929, Uda Girault 1930, Uxa Girault 1930] B88

Antrocephalus bicoloris Bouček 1988 [=*Stomatoceroides bicolor Girault 1913 non Haltichella bicolor Ashmead 1900, Stomatoceras bicolor] B88

Antrocephalus clariscapus (Dodd 1917) B88 [=Stomatoceroides clariscapus B88, Stomatoceras clariscapus G30, *Uxa clariscapus B88]

Antrocephalus fuscipennatus Bouček 1988 [=Stomatoceras fuscipennis Girault 1914 non Stomatoceroides fuscipennis Girault 1913] B88

Antrocephalus fuscipennis (Girault 1913) [=Stomatoceroides fuscipennis, Stomatoceras harrisoni Girault 1926, Stomatoceroides maria Girault 1929] B88

Antrocephalus stokesi (Crawford 1911) [=Haltichella stokesi; incl. Anthrocephalus (l. c.) pomonellae Cameron 1912, Stomatoceras pomonellae] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[G30] Girault, A. A. 1930. New pests from Australia. VIII. Privately published (reprinted Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 273-277).

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