Antenna of male Terobiella nigriceps, from Bouček (1988).

Belongs within: Ormocerinae.

Terobiella is an Australian genus of wasps causing galls on leaves of Eucalyptus (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Body compact, non-metallic. Antennae 12-segmented, with seven segments between pedicel and clava, bearing long branches in the males, females with most funicular segments dorsally only slightly produced appearing serrate. Scutellum anteriorly pointed, axillae converging medially.

<==Terobiella Ashmead 1900 (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--*T. flavifrons Ashmead 1900 [incl. *Melanosomella flavipes Girault 1913] B88
    |--T. adolphi (Girault 1931) [=Perilampoides adolphi] B88
    |--T. bicolor (Girault 1913) [=*Perilampoides bicolor] B88
    |--T. cinctitibiae (Girault 1931) [=Perilampoides cinctitibiae] B88
    |--T. dilutiventris (Girault 1913) [=Epiperilampus dilutiventris] B88
    |--T. eucalypti (Gallard 1930) [=Tepperella eucalypti] B88
    |--T. nigriceps (Ashmead 1904) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |--T. particolor (Girault 1915) [=Perilampoides particolor] B88
    |--T. regalis (Girault 1931) [=Perilampoides regalis] B88
    |--T. scutata (Girault 1931) [=Perilampoides scutatus] B88
    |--T. similis (Girault 1917) [=Perilampoides similis] B88
    `--T. tennysoni (Girault 1920) [=Perilampoides tennysoni] B88

Terobiella Ashmead 1900 [incl. Melanosomella Girault 1913, Paraterobia Ashmead 1904, Perilampoides Girault 1913, Tepperella Cameron 1912] B88

Terobiella nigriceps (Ashmead 1904) [=*Paraterobia nigriceps; incl. Perilampoides aurantiscutum anna Girault 1931, Pe. aurantiscutum Girault 1916, Pe. flavithorax Girault 1915, *Tepperella maculiscutis Cameron 1912, Pe. aurantiscutum regis Girault 1931, Pe. aurantiscutum rex Girault 1931] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

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