Drakensberg rockjumper Chaetops aurantius, copyright Brendan Ryan.

Belongs within: Euoscines.
Contains: Melanocharitidae, Petroicidae, Sylviida, Muscicapida, Passerida.

The Passerides are a diverse clade of passerine birds supported by molecular data, including the majority of songbird lineages found in the Northern Hemisphere.

<==Passerides OF19
    |--Cnemophilus De Vis 1890 B94 [Cnemophilidae OF19]
    |    |--C. macgregorii JT12
    |    `--+--C. loriae JT12
    |       `--Loboparadisaea sericea JT12
    `--+--Melanocharitidae OF19
       `--+--+--Notiomystis Richmond 1908 CC10 [=Pogonornis Gray 1846 non Billberg 1828 CC10; Notiomystidae OF19]
          |  |    `--*N. cincta (du Bus de Gisignies 1839) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |  `--Callaeidae [Callaeadides, Callaeatidae, Creadionidae, Creationtidae, Heteralochidae] OF19
          |       |--Callaeas Forster 1788 [=Callaeus Gray 1840, Calloeas Daudin 1800, Glaucopis Gmelin 1788] CC10
          |       |    |--*C. cinerea (Gmelin 1788) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |       |    `--C. wilsoni (Bonaparte 1851) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |       |--Heteralocha Cabanis 1851 (nom. cons.) [=Neomorpha Gould 1837 (nom. rej.)] CC10
          |       |    `--H. acutirostris (Gould 1837) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |       `--Philesturnus Geoffroy St-Hilaire 1832 (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |            |--*P. carunculatus (Gmelin 1789) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          |            `--P. rufusater (Lesson 1828) (see below for synonymy) CC10
          `--+--+--Eupetidae [Picathartidae, Picathartii, Picathartinae] OF19
             |  |    |--Eupetes Temminck 1831 OF19, B94
             |  |    |    `--E. macrocerus JF07
             |  |    `--+--Picathartes Lesson 1828 OF19, B94
             |  |       |    |--P. gymnocephalus JF07
             |  |       |    `--P. oreas JT12
             |  |       `--Chaetops OF19
             |  |            |--C. aurantius Layard 1867 [=C. frenatus aurantius] B93
             |  |            `--C. frenatus JF07
             |  `--Petroicidae OF19
             `--Eupasseri [Thryothoridae, Timaliini, Tryothorinae] EIJ03
                  |--Sylviida OF19
                  `--+--Muscicapida OF19
                     `--Passerida OF19

*Callaeas cinerea (Gmelin 1788) [=*Glaucopis cinerea, Ca. cinereus; incl. Cryptorhina callaeas Wagler 1827] CC10

Callaeas wilsoni (Bonaparte 1851) [=Glaucopis wilsoni, C. cinerea wilsoni; incl. C. olivascens Pelzeln 1867, Glaucopis olivascens] CC10

Heteralocha acutirostris (Gould 1837) [=*Neomorpha acutirostris, N. gouldii Gray 1841, *Heteralocha gouldi; incl. N. crassirostris Gould 1837] CC10

*Notiomystis cincta (du Bus de Gisignies 1839) [=Meliphaga cincta, *Pogonornis cincta, Ptilotis cincta; incl. Pt. auritus Lafresnaye 1839, Notiomystis cincta hautara Mathews 1935] CC10

Philesturnus Geoffroy St-Hilaire 1832 [=Oxystomus Swainson 1837 non Fischer v. Waldheim 1803; Philesturnidae] CC10

*Philesturnus carunculatus (Gmelin 1789) [=Sturnus carunculatus, Creadion carunculatus, *Oxystomus carunculatus, Philesturnus carunculata, Xanthornus carunculatus, Creadion novaezealandiae Stephens in Shaw 1826, Cr. pharoides Vieillot 1817; incl. Cr. cinereus Buller 1865] CC10

Philesturnus rufusater (Lesson 1828) [=Icterus rufusater, Creadion carunculatus rufusater, Philesturnus carunculatus rufusater; incl. I. novaezealandiae Lesson & Garrot 1829 non Creadion novaezealandiae Stephens 1826] CC10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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