Male white-winged triller Lalage sueurii, copyright David Cook.

Belongs within: Campephagidae.
Contains: Lalage leucomela, Lalage maculosa.

Lalage, the trillers, is a genus of small insectivorous birds, found in southern Asia and Australasia, that are commonly patterned in black, grey and white.

Lalage Boie 1826 [incl. Diaphoropterus Oberholser 1899, Symmorphus Gould 1838 non Wesmael 1836] CC10
    |  i. s.: L. aurea JT12
    |         L. banksiana S13
    |         L. moesta JT12
    |         ‘Diaphoropterus’ naevius S13
    |           |--D. n. naevius S13
    |           `--D. n. simillimus Sarasin 1913 S13
    |--+--+--L. atrovirens BKB15
    |  |  `--L. leucomela JT12
    |  `--+--L. maculosa BKB15
    |     `--+--L. sharpei Rothschild 1900 JT12, L03
    |        |    |--L. s. sharpei L03
    |        |    `--L. s. tenebrosa Mayr & Ripley 1941 L03
    |        `--+--L. tricolor (Swainson 1825) BKB15, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    |           `--+--L. leucopyga (Gould 1838) BKB15, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    |              |    |--L. l. leucopyga L03
    |              |    |--L. l. albiloris Mayr & Ripley 1941 L03
    |              |    `--L. l. deficiens Mayr & Ripley 1941 L03
    |              `--L. sueurii (Vieillot 1818) BKB15, WS48 [=Turdus sueurii WS48]
    `--+--L. melanoleuca BKB15
       `--+--L. leucopygialis JT12
          `--+--L. nigra BKB15 [incl. Turdus orientalis CC10, *L. orientalis CC10]
             `--+--+--‘Coracina’ newtoni JT12
                |  `--‘Coracina’ typica JT12
                `--+--‘Coracina’ melanoptera BKB15
                   `--+--‘Coracina’ melaschistos BKB15
                      `--+--‘Coracina’ fimbriata BKB15
                         `--‘Coracina’ polioptera JT12

Lalage leucopyga (Gould 1838) BKB15, CC10 [=*Symmorphus leucopygus CC10, *Diaphoropterus leucopygus CC10, Lalage naevia leucopyga CC10; incl. Campephaga longicaudata Pelzeln 1860 CC10]

Lalage tricolor (Swainson 1825) BKB15, L03 [=Ceblepyris tricolor CC10, L. sueurii tricolor WS48; incl. L. tricolor indistincta Mathews 1912 L03, Karua leucomela mayi Ashby 1914 L03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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