Twiggy daisy-bush Olearia ramulosa, copyright Melburnian.

Belongs within: Astereae.

Olearia, tree daisies, is a genus of composite-flowered trees and shrubs found in Australasia (Allan 1961).

Characters (from Allan 1961): Shrubs or trees with alternate or opposite leaves, these mainly tomentose below. Capitula small to large, solitary, or inflorescence variously compound; receptacle alveolate, flat or convex; phyllaries imbricate in several series, margins dry or scarious. Ray-florets, if present, ligulate to filiform, pistillate; disk-florets perfect, tubular. Anther-cells usually acute at base; style-arms of disk-florets flattened, with short obtuse or acute unreceptive tips. Achenes ribbed or striate, usually pubescent to pilose; pappus of unequal barbellate bristles, often slightly thickened at tips.

<==Olearia Moench 1802 (nom. cons.) [incl. Shawia Forster & Forster 1776 (nom. rej.)] BR65
    |--O. sect. Adenotricha BR65
    |    |--O. calcarea BR65
    |    |--O. decurrens BR65
    |    |--O. glandulosa BR65
    |    |--O. hookeri (Sonder) Bentham 1852 BR65
    |    |--O. magniflora BR65
    |    |--O. muelleri BR65
    |    |--O. passerinoides Bentham 1851 (see below for synonymy) BR65
    |    `--O. teretifolia BR65
    |--O. sect. Dicerotricha BR65
    |    |--O. erubescens (Candolle) Dippel 1889 [=Eurybia erubescens, O. myrsinoides var. erubescens] BR65
    |    |--O. grandiflora [incl. Aster sonderi] BR65
    |    `--O. pannosa BR65
    |--O. sect. Eriotricha BR65
    |    |--O. arida Pritzel 1918 BR65
    |    |--O. axillaris BR65
    |    |--O. exiguifolia BR65
    |    |--O. floribunda [=Eurybia floribunda Hooker 1847; incl. Aster florulentus von Mueller 1865] BR65
    |    |--O. lepidophylla (see below for synonymy) BR65
    |    |--O. microdisca BR65
    |    |--O. pimeleoides BR65
    |    |    |--O. p. var. pimeleoides BR65
    |    |    `--O. p. var. minor non O. insignis var. minor Cheeseman 1916 BR65
    |    |--O. ramulosa (see below for synonymy) BR65
    |    |--O. subspicata [=Eurybia subspicata Hooker 1848; incl. Aster mitchellii von Mueller 1865] BR65
    |    `--O. tubuliflora BR65
    `--O. sect. Merismotricha BR65
         |--O. ciliata (Bentham) von Mueller 1865 (see below for synonymy) BR65
         |    |--O. c. var. ciliata BR65
         |    `--O. c. var. squamifolia BR65
         |--O. ferresii BR65
         |--O. picridifolia BR65
         |--O. rudis [=Eurybia rudis Bentham 1837; incl. Aster exul Lindley 1839, E. scabra Bentham 1837] BR65
         |    |--O. r. var. rudis BR65
         |    `--O. r. var. glabriuscula BR65
         `--O. stuartii von Mueller 1865 (see below for synonymy) BR65

Olearia incertae sedis:
  *O. tomentosa A61
  O. albida Hooker 1864 [=Eurybia albida Hooker 1853] A61
    |--O. a. var. albida A61
    `--O. a. var. angulata (Kirk) Allan 1961 [=O. angulata Kirk 1881] A61
  O. allomii Kirk 1871 A61
  O. angustifolia Hooker 1853 A61
  O. arborescens (Forster) Cockayne & Laing 1911 A61 (see below for synonymy)
  O. arguta LK14
    |--O. a. var. arguta LK14
    `--O. a. var. lanata LK14
  O. asterotricha BR65
  O. avicenniaefolia (Raoul) Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy) A61
  O. buchananii Kirk 1899 A61
  O. bullata Wilson & Garnock-Jones 1992 D95
  O. capillaris Buchan. 1871 A61 (see below for synonymy)
  O. chathamica Kirk 1891 [incl. O. chathamica var. dendyi Cockayne 1902] A61
  O. cheesemanii Cockayne & Allan 1926 (see below for synonymy) A61
  O. chrysophylla C08
  O. colensoi Hooker 1853 A61 [=Eurybia colensoi C06]
    |--O. c. var. colensoi A61
    |--O. c. var. argentea Allan 1961 A61
    `--O. c. var. grandis Simpson 1945 A61
  O. coriacea Kirk 1899 A61
  O. crosby-smithiana Petrie 1911 A61
  O. dampieri KM08
    |--O. d. ssp. dampieri G04b
    `--O. d. ssp. eremicola G04b
  O. elaeophila GK00
  O. × excorticata Buchanan 1874 [O. arborescens × O. lacunosa] A61
  O. fragrantissima Petrie 1891 A61
  O. furfuracea (Rich.) Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy) A61
    |--O. f. var. furfuracea A61
    |--O. f. var. angustata Kirk 1899 [incl. O. f. var. a. subvar. dubia Kirk 1899] A61
    `--O. f. var. rubicunda Kirk 1899 A61
  O. glutinosa BR65
  O. × haastii Hooker 1864 [O. avicenniaefolia × O. moschata] A61
  O. hectori Hooker 1864 A61
  O. humilis G04a
  O. ilicifolia Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy) A61
  O. lacunosa Hooker 1867 [incl. O. alpina Buchanan 1887] A61
  O. lyallii Hooker 1853 A61 [=Eurybia lyallii C06]
  O. macrodonta Baker 1884 [incl. Eurybia dentata var. oblongifolia Hooker 1853] A61
  O. microphylla [=Aster microphyllus Ventenat 1804, O. ramulosa var. microphylla] BR65
  O. × mollis (Kirk) Cockayne 1911 [=O. ilicifolia var. mollis Kirk 1899; O. ilicifolia × O. lacunosa] A61
  O. moschata Hooker 1864 A61
  O. muricata KM08
  O. nummularifolia Hooker 1864 [=Eurybia nummularifolia Hooker 1853; incl. O. hillii Colenso 1888] A61
    |--O. n. var. nummularifolia A61
    `--O. n. var. cymbifolia Hooker 1867 [=O. cymbifolia (Hooker) Cheeseman 1907] A61
  O. occidentissima KM08
  O. odorata Petrie 1891 A61
  O. × oleifolia Kirk 1879 [O. avicenniaefolia × O. odorata; incl. O. wilcoxii Petrie 1913] A61
  O. oporina (Forster) Hooker 1853 A61 (see below for synonymy)
  O. pachyphylla Cheeseman 1910 A61
  O. paniculata (Forster & Forster) Druce 1917 A61 (see below for synonymy)
  O. paucidentata GK00
  O. phlogopappa KC83
  O. polita Wilson & Garnock-Jones 1992 D95
  O. ramosissima G04b
  O. rani (Cunn.) Druce 1917 A61 (see below for synonymy)
  O. semidentata Decaisne 1846 N88 (see below for synonymy)
  O. solandri Hooker 1864 [=Eurybia solandri Hooker 1853] A61
  O. stellulata BR65
  O. × suavis Cheeseman 1892 [O. arborescens × O. lacunosa] A61
  O. thomsonii Cheeseman 1925 A61
  O. townsonii Cheeseman 1925 A61
  O. × traillii Kirk 1884 [O. angustifolia × O. colensoi var. grandis] A61
  O. traversii (Muell.) Hooker 1867 [=Eurybia traversii Muell. 1864] A61
  O. virgata Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy) A61
    |--O. v. var. virgata A61
    |--O. v. var. divaricata (Cockayne) Allan 1961 A61 (see below for synonymy)
    |--O. v. var. implicita Simpson 1945 A61
    |--O. v. var. laxiflora (Kirk) Allan 1961 [=O. laxiflora Kirk 1899] A61
    |--O. v. var. lineata Kirk 1899 [=O. lineata (Kirk) Cockayne 1911] A61
    |--O. v. var. ramuliflora (Colenso) Kirk 1899 [=O. ramuliflora Colenso 1890] A61
    |--O. v. var. rugosa Simpson 1945 A61
    `--O. v. var. serpentina (Simpson) Allan 1961 [=O. serpentina Simpson 1945] A61
  O. xerophila EF04

Olearia arborescens (Forster) Cockayne & Laing 1911 A61 [=Solidago arborescens Forster 1786 A61, Shawia arborescens Raoul 1846 A61, Steiractis arborescens DC. 1836 A61; incl. Eurybia alpina Lindl. & Paxt. 1851 A61, Olearia arborescens var. cordatifolia Kirk 1899 A61, O. nitida var. cordatifolia C06, O. erythropappa Colenso 1890 A61, O. multiflora Colenso 1895 A61, O. nitida Hooker 1864 A61, O. populifolia Colenso 1885 A61, O. suborbiculata Colenso 1886 A61]

Olearia avicenniaefolia (Raoul) Hooker 1864 [=Shawia avicenniaefolia Raoul 1846, Eurybia avicenniaefolia Hooker 1853] A61

Olearia capillaris Buchan. 1871 A61 [=O. arborescens var. capillaris (Buchan.) Kirk 1899 A61, O. nitida var. capillaris C06]

Olearia cheesemanii Cockayne & Allan 1926 [=O. nitida var. angustifolia Cheeseman 1906 non O. angustifolia Hooker 1853, O. arborescens var. angustifolia Cheeseman 1925] A61

Olearia ciliata (Bentham) von Mueller 1865 [=Eurybia ciliata Bentham 1837; incl. Aster huegelii von Mueller 1865] BR65

Olearia furfuracea (Rich.) Hooker 1864 [=Aster furfuraceus Rich. 1832, Eurybia furfuracea DC. 1836, Haxtonia furfuracea Cunn. 1839, Shawia furfuracea Raoul 1846] A61

Olearia ilicifolia Hooker 1864 [incl. Eurybia dentata var. linearifolia Hooker 1853, O. multibracteolata Colenso 1885] A61

Olearia lepidophylla [=Aster lepidophyllus Persoon 1807; incl. A. microphyllus Labillardière 1806 non Ventenat 1804] Br65

Olearia oporina (Forster) Hooker 1853 A61 [=Arnica oporina Forster 1786 A61, Eurybia operina C06, Olearia operina A61; incl. O. oporina var. robusta Kirk 1899 A61]

Olearia paniculata (Forster & Forster) Druce 1917 A61 [=Shawia paniculata Forster & Forster 1776 A61 incl. O. paniculata var. elliptica Kirk 1899 A61, O. forsteri var. elliptica C06, Eurybia forsteri Hooker 1853 A61, O. forsteri Hooker 1864 A61, O. paniculata var. obtusa Kirk 1899 A61, O. uniflora Colenso 1888 C06, O. paniculata var. viscosa Simpson 1945 A61]

Olearia passerinoides Bentham 1851 [incl. Eurybia glutescens Sonder 1852, Aster glutescens (Sonder) von Mueller 1865, Olearia toppii Ewart & White 1908] BR65

Olearia ramulosa [=Aster ramulosus Labillardière 1806; incl. O. exilifolia, O. revoluta var. minor nec O. insignis var. minor Cheeseman 1916 nec O. pimeleoides var. minor, O. revoluta] BR65

Olearia rani (Cunn.) Druce 1917 A61 [=Brachyglottis rani Cunn. 1839 A61; incl. O. colorata Colenso 1880 A61, O. cunninghamii var. colorata C06, O. rani var. colorata (Colenso) Kirk 1899 A61, Eurybia cunninghamii Hooker 1853 A61, O. cunninghamii Hooker 1864 A61, O. rani var. minuta Kirk 1899 A61]

Olearia semidentata Decaisne 1846 N88 [=Eurybia semidentata Muell. 1864 A61; incl. O. semidentata var. albiflora Dorrien Smith 1910 A61]

Olearia stuartii von Mueller 1865 [=Eurybia stuartii von Mueller 1859; incl. Aster megalodontus von Mueller 1874] BR65

Olearia virgata Hooker 1864 [=Eurybia virgata Hooker 1853; incl. O. aggregata Colenso 1896, O. consimilis Colenso 1896, O. fasciculifolia Colenso 1893, O. parvifolia Colenso 1896, O. quinquefida Colenso 1896] A61

Olearia virgata var. divaricata (Cockayne) Allan 1961 A61 [=O. divaricata Cockayne 1909 A61; incl. O. macphersoni Cockayne 1925 CA27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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