Zornia diphylla var. glochidiata, copyright JIRCAS.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Dalbergieae is a mostly pantropical group of legumes united by a distinctive root nodule morphology (Cardoso et al. 2013). Members include Pterocarpus, padauks, a pantropical genus of trees with indehiscent, orbicular fruits that are compressed to form a broad hardened wing around usually a single central seed. The peanut Arachis hypogaea is widely grown for its edible seeds which are produced in pods maturing underground.

<==Dalbergieae [Aeschynomeneae] CP13
    |  i. s.: Geissaspis CP13
    |--+--Adesmia CP13
    |  |    |--A. boronioides D03
    |  |    |--A. lanata CP13
    |  |    `--A. retusa D03
    |  `--+--+--Chaetocalyx scandens CP13
    |     |  `--Nissolia hirsuta CP13
    |     `--+--Poiretia angustifolia CP13
    |        `--+--Amicia glandulosa CP13
    |           `--Zornia CP13
    |                |--Z. albiflora LK14
    |                |--Z. chaetophora LK14
    |                |--Z. diphylla C55
    |                |    |--Z. d. var. diphylla C55
    |                |    `--Z. d. var. glochidiata C55
    |                |--Z. gibbosa PP07
    |                |--Z. muriculata LK14
    |                `--Z. prostrata LK14
    `--+--+--+--Weberbauerella brongniartioides CP13
       |  |  `--+--+--‘Aeschynomene’ purpusii CP13
       |  |     |  `--+--Steinbachiella leptoclada CP13
       |  |     |     `--Machaerium capote CP13
       |  |     `--Dalbergia CP13
       |  |          |--D. candenatensis B00b
       |  |          |--D. congestiflora CP13
       |  |          |--D. diemenii Ettingshausen 1883 F71
       |  |          |--D. ecastaphyllum CP13
       |  |          |--D. glabra VKC07
       |  |          |--D. sissoo HU08
       |  |          `--D. volubilis P03
       |  `--+--+--Diphysa floribunda CP13
       |     |  |--Pictetia CP13
       |     |  |    |--P. aculeata SWK87
       |     |  |    `--P. marginata CP13
       |     |  `--+--Zygocarpum yemenense CP13
       |     |     `--+--Ormocarpum keniense CP13
       |     |        `--Ormocarpopsis [incl. Peltiera] CP13
       |     |             `--O. itremoensis CP13
       |     `--+--Aeschynomene CP13
       |        |    |--A. americana LK14
       |        |    |--A. hirsuta B00a
       |        |    |--A. indica CP13
       |        |    |--A. nilotica GC05
       |        |    `--A. rudis H93
       |        `--+--Humularia corbisieri CP13
       |           |--Smithia ciliata CP13
       |           |--+--Bryaspis lupulina CP13
       |           |  `--Kotschya ochreata CP13
       |           `--+--Cyclocarpa stellaris CP13
       |              `--Soemmeringia semperflorens CP13
       `--+--+--Discolobium psoraleifolium CP13
          |  `--Riedeliella graciliflora CP13
          `--+--Platymiscium CP13
             |    |--P. stipulare CP13
             |    `--P. trifoliatum GB91
             `--+--+--+--Cascaronia astragalina CP13
                |  |  `--Geoffroea CP13
                |  |       |--G. decorticans RJ11
                |  |       `--G. spinosa CP13
                |  `--+--+--Fiebrigiella gracilis CP13
                |     |  `--Fissicalyx fendleri CP13
                |     `--+--Chapmannia gracilis CP13
                |        `--+--Arachis CP13
                |           |    |--A. hypogaea CP13
                |           |    `--A. pintoi CP13
                |           `--Stylosanthes CP13
                |                |--S. capitata CP13
                |                |--S. guianensis LK14
                |                |--S. hamata LK14
                |                |--S. humilis M99
                |                |--S. scabra LK14
                |                `--S. viscosa LK14
                `--+--Grazielodendron riodocense CP13
                   |--Platypodium elegans CP13
                   |--+--Brya ebenus CP13
                   |  `--Cranocarpus martii CP13
                   |--Acosmium CP13
                   |    |--A. lentiscifolium CP13
                   |    `--+--A. cardenasii CP13
                   |       `--A. diffusissimum CP13
                   `--+--+--Paramachaerium schomburgkii CP13
                      |  `--+--Etaballia guianensis CP13
                      |     `--Pterocarpus CP13
                      |          |--P. draco BMM99
                      |          |--P. erinaceus BMM99
                      |          |--P. indicus CP13
                      |          |--P. officianalis SWK87
                      |          `--P. santalinoides BMM99
                      `--+--Maraniona lavinii CP13
                         `--+--+--Centrolobium robustum CP13
                            |  `--Ramorinoa girolae CP13
                            `--+--Tipuana tipu CP13
                               `--Inocarpus CP13
                                    |--I. edulis CP13
                                    `--I. fagifer CP13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 28 March 2021.

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