Michaelmas daisy Aster amellus, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Astereae.

Aster is a Holarctic genus of composite-flowered herbs. Members include the Michaelmas daisy Aster amellus, a perennial species most commonly found in calcareous, rocky soils that has become widely grown as an ornamental.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual or perennial from caudex or rhizome. Stem generally erect, 1–20 dm. Leaves basal, cauline, or both, alternate, generally entire; basally generally petioled. Inflorescence with heads generally radiate, solitary or in a cyme or panicle; involucre obconic to hemispheric; phyllaries in 2–6 series, outer generally smaller than inner, free, at least inner with pale, papery margins; receptacle more or less flat, naked. Ray florets 0–many; corolla violet to pink or white. Disk florets many; corolla and anthers generally yellow, tube generally narrower than throat; anther tips more or less triangular; style branches flat on inner face, base more or less warty, tip acute, hairy. Fruit generally rounded, more or less ribbed, more or less brown; pappus of bristles, white to brownish.

    |--*A. amellus Linnaeus 1753 P01, CD07
    |--A. abbreviatus C55
    |--A. ageratoides MH98
    |--A. albescens O88
    |--A. alpigenus H93
    |    |--A. a. var. alpigenus H93
    |    `--A. a. var. andersonii H93
    |--A. alpinus H09
    |--A. altaicus O88
    |--A. ascendens [=A. adscendens] H93
    |--A. asteroides O88
    |--A. barbellatus O88
    |--A. bellidiflorus C55
    |--A. bernardinus H93
    |--A. breweri [=Chrysopsis breweri] H93
    |--A. brickellioides H93
    |--A. brumalis C55
    |--A. campestris H93
    |--A. canescens S72
    |--A. chilensis H93
    |--A. chinensis R00
    |--A. concinnatus C55
    |--A. diplostephioides O88
    |--A. dumosus C55
    |--A. eatonii H93
    |--A. engelmannii H93
    |--A. falconeri O88
    |    |--A. f. ssp. falconeri O88
    |    `--A. f. ssp. nepalensis O88
    |--A. flaccidus O88
    |--A. foliaceus H93
    |    |--A. f. var. foliaceus H93
    |    |--A. f. var. lyallii H93
    |    `--A. f. var. parryi [incl. A. foliaceus var. apricus] H93
    |--A. frondosus H93
    |--A. greatae [=A. greatai] H93
    |--A. heliopsis O88
    |--A. himalaicus O88
    |--A. imbricatus C06
    |--A. indamellus O88
    |--A. integrifolius H93
    |--A. laevigatus C55
    |--A. laevis C55
    |--A. lanceolatus V09
    |    |--A. l. ssp. lanceolatus H93
    |    `--A. l. ssp. hesperius H93
    |--A. ledophyllus H93
    |--A. lentus [=A. chilensis var. lentus; incl. A. chilensis var. sonomensis] H93
    |--A. leucanthemus C55
    |--A. mutabilis C55
    |--A. novae-angliae MS98
    |--A. novi-belgii C55
    |--A. occidentalis H93
    |    |--A. o. var. occidentalis [incl. A. o. var. delectabilis, A. o. var. intermedius, A. o. var. parishii] H93
    |    `--A. o. var. yosemitanus [incl. A. paludicola] H93
    |--A. oregonensis [incl. A. oregonensis ssp. californicus] H93
    |--A. parviflorus C55
    |--A. pauciflorus H93
    |--A. peirsonii H93
    |--A. radulinus H93
    |--A. rubricaulis C55
    |--A. salicifolius C55
    |--A. scopulorum H93
    |--A. squamatus Y98
    |--A. stracheyi O88
    |--A. subulatus BR65
    |    |--A. s. var. subulatus H93
    |    `--A. s. var. ligulatus H93
    |--A. tanacetifolius BT72
    |--A. tricephalus O88
    |--A. tripolium CS77
    `--A. versicolor C55

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 December 2021.

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