Pineapple bush Dasypogon bromeliifolius, copyright Russell Cumming.

Belongs within: Liliidae.
Contains: Poales, Commelinales, Zingiberales, Arecaceae.

The Commelinidae are a clade of monocotyledons united by the presence of UV-fluorescent ferulic acid in the cell walls. Many members of the clade also have bracteate inflorescences, starchy pollen and endosperm, and silica bodies in the plant (Cantino et al. 2007).

<==Commelinidae [Arecanae, Commelinanae, Commeliniflorae]
    |--+--Poales APG16
    |  `--+--Commelinales APG16
    |     `--+--Ensete SR07
    |        `--Zingiberales APG16
    `--Arecales APG16
         |--Arecaceae APG16
         `--Dasypogonaceae [Dasypogonales] APG16
              |  i. s.: Acanthocarpus KM08
              |           |--A. canaliculatus B00
              |           |--A. preissii KM08
              |           |--A. robustus KM08
              |           `--A. verticillatus B00
              |         Xerolirion divaricata G04a
              |         Chamaexeros serra OS04
              |--+--Baxteria australis DS04
              |  `--Kingia australis DS04
              `--+--Calectasia cyanea DS04
                 `--Dasypogon SR07
                      |--D. bromeliifolius RL05
                      `--D. hookeri Drumm. 1843 CD07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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