Sphagnum subgenus Cymbifolia

Prairie sphagnum Sphagnum palustre, copyright Bernd Haynold.

Belongs within: Sphagnales.

Sphagnum subgenus Cymbifolium is a group of robust sphagnum mosses with unbordered stem leaves and rough branch leaves (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Dixon 1924): Plants robust. Cuticular cells of stem and branches fibrose and porose. Stem leaves not bordered. Branch leaves broadly cymbiform, concave, cucullate and scabrous at back of apex. Dioicous.

Sphagnum subg. Cymbifolia D24
    |--S. austini D24
    |    |--S. a. var. austini D24
    |    `--S. a. var. imbricatum D24
    |--S. centrale Jensen 1896 D24, SK02
    |    |--S. c. var. centrale SK02
    |    `--S. c. var. flavoglaucescens SK02
    |--S. degenerans D24
    |--S. magellanicum Brid. 1798 [incl. S. medium] SK02
    |    |--S. m. var. magellanicum D03
    |    |--S. ‘medium’ var. fusco-rubellum D03
    |    |    |--S. m. var. f. f. fusco-rubellum D03
    |    |    `--S. m. var. f. f. brachydasyclada D03
    |    `--S. ‘medium’ var. pallido-carneum D03
    |         |--S. m. var. p. f. pallido-carneum D03
    |         `--S. m. var. p. f. brachyorthoclada D03
    |--S. palustre Linnaeus 1753 [incl. S. cymbifolium, S. latifolium (nom. illeg.)] SK02
    |    |--S. p. var. palustre D24
    |    |--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. condensatum D03
    |    |--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. congestum D24
    |    `--S. ‘cymbifolium’ var. squarrosulum D24
    |--S. papillosum [=S. cymbifolium var. papillosum] D24
    |    |--S. p. var. papillosum D24
    |    |--S. p. var. laeve D24
    |    |--S. p. var. stenophyllum D24
    |    `--S. p. var. sublaeve D24
    `--S. turfaceum D24

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D24] Dixon, H. N. 1924. The Student's Handbook of British Mosses 3rd ed. V. V. Sumfield: Eastbourne.

[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. Patagonian and Fuegian mosses. In: Scott, W. B. (ed.) Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899 vol. 8. Botany pp. 63–126. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

[SK02] Streimann, H., & N. Klazenga. 2002. Catalogue of Australian Mosses. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 17. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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