Reconstruction of Saltasaurus, from here.

Belongs within: Lithostrotia.

The Eutitanosauria are a clade of titanosaurian sauropods defined by the inclusion of Argyrosaurus, Lirainosaurus and Saltasaurus, together with the "Peirópolis titanosaur" (Wilson & Upchurch 2003).

    |  i. s.: Argyrosaurus Lydekker 1893 WU03
    |           `--A. superbus Lydekker 1893 UBD04
    |--Lirainosaurus Sanz, Powell et al. 1999 UBD04
    |    `--L. astibiae Sanz, Powell et al. 1999 UBD04
    `--+--+--Alamosaurus Gilmore 1922 UBD04
       |  |    `--A. sanjuanensis Gilmore 1922 UBD04
       |  `--Pellegrinisaurus Salgado 1996 UBD04
       |       `--P. powelli Salgado 1996 UBD04
       `--Saltasauridae R-TCA06
            |--Opisthocoelicaudia Borsuk-Bialynicka 1977 UBD04 [Opisthocoelicaudiinae WU03]
            |    `--O. skarzynskii Borsuk-Bialynicka 1977 UBD04
            `--Saltasaurinae WU03
                 |--Neuquensaurus Powell 1992 WU03
                 |    `--N. australis (Lydekker 1893) (see below for synonymy) UBD04
                 `--Saltasaurus Bonaparte & Powell 1980 [incl. Loricosaurus Huene 1929, Microcoelus Ludekker 1893] UBD04
                      |--S. loricatus Bonaparte & Powell 1980 UBD04
                      `--S. robustus (Huene 1929) [=Titanosaurus robustus, Neuquensaurus robustus] UBD04

Neuquensaurus australis (Lydekker 1893) [=Titanosaurus australis, Saltasaurus australis; incl. T. nanus Lydekker 1893, Microcoelus patagonicus Lydekker 1893, Loricosaurus scutatus Huene 1929] UBD04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[R-TCA06] Royo-Torres, R., A. Cobos & L. Alcalá. 2006. A giant European dinosaur and a new sauropod clade. Science 314: 1925–1927.

[UBD04] Upchurch, P., P. M. Barrett & P. Dodson. 2004. Sauropoda. In: Weishampel, D. B., P. Dodson & H. Osmólska (eds) The Dinosauria 2nd ed. pp. 259–322. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[WU03] Wilson, J. A., & P. Upchurch. 2003. A revision of Titanosaurus Lydekker (Dinosauria—Sauropoda), the first dinosaur genus with a ‘Gondwanan’ distribution. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 1 (3): 125–160.

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