Heteromastix sp., copyright Tony D..

Belongs within: Cantharidae.

Heteromastix is a genus of soft-bodied beetles in which the antennae are often distorted in the males.

Characters (from Lea 1909): Antennae inserted between and in front of eyes, frequently distorted in male; prothorax always strongly transverse; tibiae terminated by minute spines; basal joint of hind tarsi as long or almost as long as three following segments combined; male with penultimate segment of abdomen deeply excised, preceeding segment widely emarginate or simple.

<==Heteromastix L09
    |--H. amabilis Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. anticus Blackb. 1892 L09
    |--H. bicolor [incl. H. bicolor var. primus Lea 1909, H. bicolor var. secundus Lea 1909] L09
    |--H. crassicornis Lea 1895 L09
    |--H. decipiens Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. discoflavus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. distortus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. dolichocephalus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. elegans Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. flavifrons Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. flavipennis Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. frater Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. fusicornis (Blackb. 1891) [=Telephorus fusicornis] L09
    |--H. galeatus (Blackb. 1891) [=Telephorus galeatus; incl. H. gagaticeps Lea 1895] L09
    |--H. geniculatus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. imitator Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. inflatus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. laticollis Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. latus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. luridicollis (Macleay 1872) L09, M86 [=Malachius luridicollis L09]
    |--H. macleayi Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. mcdonaldi Lea 1895 L09
    |--H. mirabilis Lea 1895 L09
    |--H. niger Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. nigripes Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. occidentalis Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. pallipes Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. pauxillus (Blackb. 1886) [=Telephorus pauxillus] L09
    |--H. perabundans Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. pusillus (Bohem. 1858) (see below for synonymy) L09
    |--H. simplex Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. tenuis Lea 1909 L09
    `--H. victoriensis (Blackb. 1891) [=Telephorus victoriensis] L09

Heteromastix pusillus (Bohem. 1858) [=Telephorus pusillus; incl. H. pusillus var. dilataticollis Blackb. 1892, T. pusio Gemming 1870] L09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L09] Lea, A. M. 1909. Revision of the Australian and Tasmanian Malacodermidae. Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 1909 (1): 45–251, pls 2–6.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

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