Hypattalus distortipes, from Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Melyridae.

Hypattalus is a genus of soft-bodied beetles found in Australia.

Characters (from Lea 1909): Antenna eleven-segmented; elytra covering abdomen; body with exsertile vesicles.

<==Hypattalus L09
    |--H. abdominalis (Erich. 1842) (see below for synonymy) L09
    |--H. alphabeticus Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. australis (Fairm. 1877) [=Attalus australis] L09
    |--H. calcaratus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. carteri Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. collaris Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. dentipes Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. dispar Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. distortipes Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. elegans Blackb. 1894 [incl. H. elegans var. tasmaniensis Lea 1909] L09
    |--H. exilis Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. flaviventris Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. longicornis Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. mirabilis Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. montanus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. mucronatus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. pulcherrimus Lea 1898 L09
    |--H. punctulatus Blackb. 1894 L09
    |--H. sordidus Lea 1909 L09
    |--H. violaceus Lea 1898 L09
    `--H. viridis Lea 1898 L09

Hypattalus abdominalis (Erich. 1842) [=Attalus abdominalis; incl. H. brevicornis Lea 1898, H. brevicornis var. occidentalis Lea 1898] L09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L09] Lea, A. M. 1909. Revision of the Australian and Tasmanian Malacodermidae. Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 1909 (1): 45–251, pls 2–6.

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