Balanophorus sp., from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Cleroidea.
Contains: Dasytes, Laius, Hypattalus, Carphurus, Helcogaster, Malachius.

The Melyridae are a group of relatively soft-bodied beetles that are usually predacious or scavengers as larvae but commonly flower-feeders as adults. Members of the subfamily Malachiinae are strikingly bicoloured in red or yellow and blue or black, and often have the elytra reduced to expose the abdomen (Lawrence & Britton 1991). The elytra are not reduced in members of the subfamilies Melyrinae and Dasytinae; Melyrinae are often brightly coloured (bicoloured as in Malachiinae or metallic blue or green) whereas Dasytinae are usually uniformly black, brown or yellow.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Oblong to elongate, somewhat flattened, soft-bodied, usually clothed with decumbent hairs and scattered erect setae, either uniformly black or grey or bicoloured with red or yellow and blue or black . Labrum well sclerotised; tarsal claws toothed or provided with a pair of fleshy appendages; elytra sometimes very short, exposing several abdominal tergites; eversible vesicles often on prothorax, mesothorax and abdomen. Larvae elongate, slightly flattened, lightly sclerotised, except for head, T9 and thoracic plates, red or pink in colour; head with long epicranial stem, no median endocarina, and lightly sclerotised gular and para-gular areas, so that head capsule appears to be open behind ventral mouthparts; mesal appendage at base of mandible.

Melyridae [Malachiidae]
    |--Dasytinae [Dasytidae] B14
    |    |--Enicopus (Parahenicopus) lopezcoloni Bahillo de la Puebla 2005 F05
    |    |--Trichochrous BM76
    |    |--Amecocerus cervicalis BM76
    |    `--Dasytes B14
    |--Melyrinae B14
    |    |--Astylus [Astylini] B14
    |    |    `--A. atromaculatus (Blanchard 1843) B14
    |    |--Melyrodes B14
    |    |    |--M. basalis (LeConte 1852) [=Dasytes basalis] B14
    |    |    |--M. cribatus B14
    |    |    `--M. floridiana B14
    |    `--Melyris B14
    |         |--M. bicolor G89
    |         |--M. corrosa G01
    |         |--M. festiva G01
    |         |--M. (Zyga) oblonga G20
    |         |--M. rubripes Lucas 1846 E12
    |         |--M. rufiventris G01
    |         `--M. (Melyris) viridis G20
    `--Malachiinae [Malachiides] B14
         |--Laius LB91
         |--Hypattalus LB91
         |--Carphurus LB91
         |--Helcogaster LB91
         |--Flabellolaius LB91
         |--Malachius B14
         |--Dicranolaius LB91
         |    |--D. bellulus LB91
         |    `--D. villosus LB91
         |--Collops B14
         |    |--C. balteatus LeConte 1852 B14
         |    |--C. punctulatus B14
         |    |--C. quadrimaculatus B14
         |    `--C. versatilis B14
         |--Neocarphurus Lea 1898 L09
         |    |--N. basizonis Lea 1901 L09
         |    |--N. chlorops Lea 1898 L09
         |    |--N. coatesi Lea 1909 L09
         |    |--N. impunctatus (Lea 1895) [=Carphurus impunctatus] L09
         |    |--N. sobrinus Lea 1909 L09
         |    `--N. tuberculatus (Lea 1895) [=Helcogaster tuberculatus] L09
         `--Balanophorus LB91
              |--B. ater Lea 1909 L09
              |--B. biplagiatus Fairm. 1879 [=Carphurus biplagiatus] L09
              |--B. brevipennis (Germ. 1848) [=Carphurus brevipennis] L09
              |--B. janthinipennis Fairm. 1879 L09
              |--B. macleayi Lea 1895 L09
              |--B. mastersi Macleay 1872 M86
              |--B. megalops Lea 1901 L09
              |--B. pictus Lea 1909 L09
              |--B. scapulatus (Fairm. 1879) [=Carphurus scapulatus] L09
              `--B. victoriensis Lea 1909 L09

Melyridae incertae sedis:
  Simoderus MC13
  Listrus MW15
  Attalus G01
    |--A. albofasciatus Gorham 1901 G01
    |--A. lugens Gorham 1901 G01
    |--A. ornatipennis G01
    `--A. ridens Gorham 1901 G01
  Anthocomus felix Gorham 1901 G01
  Chalicorus G01
    |--C. collaris G01
    |--C. formicarius Gorham 1901 G01
    `--C. vinulus G01
  Myrmecospecta G01
  Hapalochrus G01
    |--H. aerosus Gorham 1901 G01
    |--H. cinctus M86
    `--H. mashunus Gorham 1901 G01
  Hedybius G01
    |--H. albipennis Gorham 1901 G01
    |--H. anceps G01
    |--H. lividus G01
    |--H. superciliosus G01
    `--H. variicornis G01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 12 November 2020.

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