Aggregation of Archegozetes longisetosus, copyright Dr Michael Heethoff.

Belongs within: Holonota.
Contains: Crotonia, Hermanniidae, Astigmata, Malaconothrus, Trimalaconothrus, Nothrus, Nanhermanniidae, Camisia, Platynothrus, Circumdehiscentiae, Allonothrus, Heminothrus, Trhypochthonius.

The Desmonomata have been recognised as a group of oribatid mites with a holoid body form, in which epimera II and III are fused and the sejugal furrow is absent ventrally, in combination with an undivided notogaster and legs in which the genua are not reduced to a knee-like segment. With the exception of the Hermanniidae, most Desmonomata in this sense also have a macropyline venter, in which the large genital and anal plates occupy almost the entire venter posterior to the epimeres. However, phylogenetic analyses have established that the Desmonomata sensu stricto is paraphyletic with regard to the Circumdehiscentiae (or Brachypylina; 'higher' oribatid mites) and the Astigmata (previously recognised as a separate group from the Oribatida), both of which share the holoid body form. Many Desmonomata, including the families Malaconothridae, Camisiidae, Trhypochthoniidae and the genus Nothrus, are parthenogenetic, though the Crotoniidae and the other genera of Nothridae are sexual (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009).

<==Desmonomata (see below for synonymy) DW10
    |--+--Hermanniidae DW10
    |  `--Astigmata DW10
    `--+--Malaconothridae DW10
       |    |--Malaconothrus S04
       |    `--Trimalaconothrus S04
       `--+--+--Collohmannia Sellnick 1922 DW10, S04 [Collohmanniidae, Collohmannioidea]
          |  |    |--*C. gigantea Sellnick 1922 [incl. C. nova Sellnick 1932] S04
          |  |    `--C. asiatica Krivolutsky & Christov 1970 S04
          |  `--Nothridae [Nothroidea] S04
          |       |--Nothrus DW10
          |       |--Trichonothrus Mahunka 1986 S04
          |       |    `--*T. austroafricanus Mahunka 1986 S04
          |       `--Novonothrus Hammer 1966 S04
          |            |--*N. flagellatus Hammer 1966 S04
          |            |--N. covarrubiasi Casanueva & Norton 1997 S04
          |            |--N. kethleyi Casanueva & Norton 1998 S04
          |            |--N. papuensis Hammer 1966 S04
          |            `--N. puyehue Casanueva & Norton 1997 S04
          `--+--+--Nanhermanniidae DW10
             |  `--Camisiidae [Camisiinae] DW10
             |       |--Camisia S04
             |       |--Platynothrus NB-P09
             |       `--Austronothrus Hammer 1966 S04
             |            `--*A. curviseta Hammer 1966 S04
             `--+--Circumdehiscentiae DW10
                `--Trhypochthoniidae [Trhypochthoniinae] DW10
                     |  i. s.: Afronothrus Wallwork 1961 S04
                     |           |--*A. incisivus Wallwork 1961 S04 (see below for synonymy)
                     |           `--A. arboreus Ramani & Haq 1992 S04
                     |         Mucronothrus Trägardh 1931 [Mucronothridae] S04
                     |           |--M. nasalis (Willmann 1929) (see below for synonymy) S04
                     |           `--M. willmanni Norton, Behan-Pelletier & Wang 1996 S04
                     |         Mainothrus Choi 1996 [incl. Altrhypochthonius Weigmann 1997] S04
                     |           |--*M. aquaticus Choi 1996 S04
                     |           |--M. badius (Berlese 1905) [=Trhypochthonius badius] S04
                     |           `--M. breviclava (Hammer 1958) [=Trhypochthonius breviclava] S04
                     |         Trhypochthoniellus Willmann 1928 [incl. Hydronothrus Aoki 1964; Trhypochthoniellidae] S04
                     |           |--T. longisetus (Berlese 1904) [=Trhypochthonius longisetus] S04
                     |           |    |--T. l. longisetus S04 (see below for synonymy)
                     |           |    |--T. l. brasilensis Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1988 [=T. setosus brasilensis] S04
                     |           |    `--T. l. canadensis Hammer 1952 [=T. setosus canadensis] S04
                     |           |--T. ashoroensis Fujikawa 2000 S04
                     |           |--T. porticus Fujikawa 2000 S04
                     |           |--T. ramosus Hammer 1982 S04
                     |           `--T. reticulatus Willmann 1931 S04
                     |--Allonothrus DW10
                     `--+--Heminothrus DW10
                        `--+--Trhypochthonius DW10
                           `--Archegozetes Grandjean 1931 DW10, S04
                                |--*A. magnus (Sellnick 1925) [=Epilohmannia magna] S04
                                |    |--A. m. magnus (see below for synonymy) S04
                                |    `--A. m. mediosetosus Mahunka 1978 S04
                                `--A. longisetosus Aoki 1965 (see below for synonymy) S04

Desmonomata incertae sedis:
  Crotoniidae [Crotonides] S04
    |--Crotonia S04
    `--Holonothrus Wallwork 1963 [Holonothridae] S04
         |--*H. foliatus Wallwork 1963 S04
         |--H. artus Olszanowski 1999 S04
         |--H. concavus Wallwork 1966 S04
         |--H. gracilis Olszanowski 1997 S04
         |--H. mitis Olszanowski 1991 S04
         |--H. naskreckii Olszanowski 1997 S04
         |--H. nortoni Olszanowski 1999 S04
         |--H. novaecaledoniae Olszanowski 1997 S04
         |--H. papua Balogh & Balogh 1986 S04
         |--H. pulcher Hammer 1966 S04
         |--H. robustus Olszanowski 1991 S04
         |--H. venetiolanus Olszanowski 1999 S04
         `--H. virungensis Norton & Olszanowski 1989 S04

*Afronothrus incisivus Wallwork 1961 S04 [incl. A. incisivus maheensis Mahunka 1978 S04, A. incisivus neotropicus Balogh & Mahunka 1974 S04, A. incisivus paraguayensis Mahunka 1984 S04, A. sulcatus Hammer 1972 S04, A. incisivus sulcatus CH98]

Archegozetes longisetosus Aoki 1965 [incl. A. chamelensis Palacios-Vargas & Iglesias 1997, A. magnus indicus Bhaduri & Raychaudhuri 1968] S04

*Archegozetes magnus magnus (Sellnick 1925) [incl. A. tuberculatus Sarkar 1985, A. vercruzensis Palacios-Vargas & Iglesias 1997] S04

Desmonomata [Comalida, Crotonioidea, Desmonomatides, Holosomata, Holosomatina, Malaconothroidea, Nothrina, Nothrinae, Nothronata] DW10

Mucronothrus nasalis (Willmann 1929) [=Malaconothrus nasalis; incl. *Mu. rostratus Trägardh 1931] S04

Trhypochthoniellus longisetus longisetus (Berlese 1904) S04 [incl. Hydronothrus aquariorum Fain & Lambrechts 1987 S04, Nothrus crassus Warburton & Pearce 1905 S04, Malaconothrus crassus CH98, Trimalaconothrus crassus CH98, Trhypochthoniellus crassus CH98, *Hydronothrus crispus Aoki 1964 BB92, S04, Trhypochthoniellus crispus SN98, Camisia excavata Willmann 1919 S04, Trhypochthonius excavatus CH98, Hydronothrus puniceus Habeeb 1981 S04, Trhypochthonius (*Trhypochthoniellus) setosus Willmann 1928 S04, Trhypochthonius trichosus Schweizer 1922 S04, Tripochthonius (l. c.) trichosus S22]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BB92] Balogh, J., & P. Balogh. 1992. The Oribatid Mites Genera of the World vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum: Budapest.

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[NB-P09] Norton, R. A., & V. M. Behan-Pelletier. 2009. Suborder Oribatida. In: Krantz, G. W. & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 430–564. Texas Tech University Press.

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[SN98] Swift, S. F., & R. A. Norton. 1998. Preliminary report on oribatid mite (Acari: Oribatida) diversity in the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 57: 1–44.

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