Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti, copyright Muhammad Mahdi Karim.

Belongs within: Culicinae.

Aedes is a cosmopolitan genus of mosquitoes including the vectors of such diseases as dengue fever and Ross River virus (Liehne 1991).

Characters (from Liehne 1991): Palps generally short, less than 0.25× length proboscis. Upright forked scales on vertex numerous. Spiracular bristles absent, postspiracular bristles always present. Tarsal claws usually toothed, pulvilli absent. Wing membrane with distinct microtrichia. Larva with siphon usually short; seta 1-S a single pair of tufts, never inserted at base of siphon; saddle rarely complete ring.

    |--A. (Aedes) cinereus S68
    |--A. (Aedimorphus) S68
    |    |--A. (A.) nocturnus RK04
    |    `--A. (A.) vexans S68
    |--A. (Finlaya) S68
    |    |--A. (F.) atropalpus S68
    |    |--A. (F.) notoscriptus PC66 [=Ochlerotatus (F.) notoscriptus D05b]
    |    |--‘Ochlerotatus’ (F.) papuensis RK04
    |    |--A. (F.) triseriatus S68
    |    `--A. (F.) varipalpus S68
    |--‘Ochlerotatus’ (Halaedes) australis D04
    |--A. (Kompia) purpureipes S81
    |--A. (Lorrainea) dasyorrhus RK04
    |--A. (Ochlerotatus) S81
    |    |--A. (O.) aboriginis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) abserratus S68
    |    |--‘Ochloerotatus’ (O.) antipodeus D05a
    |    |--A. (O.) aurifer S68
    |    |--A. (O.) barri S68
    |    |--A. (O.) campestris S68
    |    |--A. (O.) canadensis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) cantans DW84
    |    |--A. (O.) cantator S68
    |    |--A. (O.) cataphylla S68
    |    |--A. (O.) communis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) decticus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) diantaeus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) dorsalis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) excrucians S68
    |    |--A. (O.) fitchii S68
    |    |--A. (O.) flavescens S68
    |    |--A. (O.) hexodontus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) idahoensis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) impiger S68
    |    |--A. (O.) implicatus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) increpitus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) intrudens S68
    |    |--A. (O.) melanimon S68
    |    |--A. (O.) nigripes S68
    |    |--A. (O.) nigromaculis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) niphadopsis S68
    |    |--A. (O.) pionips S68
    |    |--A. (O.) pullatus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) punctodes S68
    |    |--A. (O.) punctor S68
    |    |--A. (O.) rempeli S68
    |    |--A. (O.) riparius S68
    |    |--A. (O.) sollicitans S68
    |    |--A. (O.) spencerii S68
    |    |--A. (O.) sticticus S68
    |    |--A. (O.) stimulans S68
    |    |--A. (O.) trichurus S68
    |    `--A. (O.) trivittatus S68
    `--A. (Stegomyia) D05b
         |--A. (S.) aegypti D05b
         |--‘Stegomyia’ atripes F15
         `--A. (S.) scutellaris RK04

Aedes incertae sedis:
  A. albopictus RK04
  A. caballus A71
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ camptorhynchus RK04
  A. caspius KK91
  A. geniculatus KK91
  A. grossbecki M81
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ japonicus RK04
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ kochi RK04
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ normanensis RK04
  A. polynesiensis RK04
  ‘Ochlerotatus’ procax RK04
  A. rusticus KK91
  A. sierrensis BMA03 [=Ochlerotatus sierrensis RK04]
  A. tarsalis A71
  A. togoi A71
  A. vigilax S91 [=Ochlerotatus vigilax RK04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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