Ear canker mite Psoroptes cuniculi, copyright Alan R. Walker.

Belongs within: Analgoidea.
Contains: Chirodiscidae, Sarcoptidae, Cystostethum, Dasyurochirus, Murichirus.

The Sarcoptoidea are a group of mites that are found living on mammals, either as parasites or commensals. They include the Psoroptidae, which are found on the skin or in the ears of a wide variety of mammals; psoroptids include the only astigmatine mites parasitising large eutherian mammals. The Atopomelidae are a mostly Southern Hemisphere group of fur mites, specialised for clinging to the hairs of mammals where they feed on sebaceous secretions from the host. The Rhyncoptidae are globose or elongate mites inhabiting hair follicles; heavy infestations may cause mange (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): All tarsi lacking proral setae, tarsus IV lacking seta s; genu I with 0-1 solenidion (2 in Hyracoptes); pretarsus with empodium clawlike in centre of ambulacral disc or may be flattened as central sclerite in fur mites, empodium rarely absent; if ambulacral disc well developed, condylophore guide typically present at junction of ambulacral stalk and disc; pretarsus not retractable. Paraproctal chaetome with 0-3 p setae and 0 ad setae.

<==Sarcoptoidea [Psoroptoidea]
    |--Lobalgidae K92
    |    |--Echimytricalges O09
    |    `--Lobalges trouessarti O09
    |--Myocoptidae [Myocoptinae] K92
    |    |--Dromiciocoptes caenolestes O09
    |    |--Myocoptes Claparède 1868 H98
    |    |    |--M. musculinus (Koch 1836) [=Sarcoptes musculinus] H98
    |    |    `--M. queenslandicus Fain 1986 H98
    |    `--Trichoecius O09
    |         |--T. romboutsi GHG91
    |         `--T. tenax O09
    |--+--Sarcoptidae K92
    |  `--Rhyncoptidae K92
    |       |--Ursicoptes K92
    |       |--Saimirioptes paradoxus K92, O09
    |       |--Audycoptes [Audycoptidae] K92
    |       |--Caenolestocoptes [Caenolestocoptinae] K92
    |       |    `--C. inca Fain & Lukoschus 1976 K92
    |       `--Rhyncoptes K92
    |            |--R. anastosi O09
    |            `--R. grabberi O09
    |--Psoroptidae [Acaroptidae] K92
    |    |  i. s.: Acaroptes Womersley 1953 H98
    |    |           |--A. vombatus Womersley 1953 H98
    |    |           `--A. womersleyi Fain 1965 H98
    |    |         Chorioptes Gervais & Beneden 1859 H98
    |    |           |--C. bovis (Hering 1845) [=Sarcoptes bovis; incl. C. ovis (Railliet 1893)] H98
    |    |           `--C. caprae G38
    |    |         Otodectes Canestrini 1894 H98
    |    |           `--O. cynotis (Hering 1838) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |         Coendalges panamaensis O09
    |    |         Caparinia tripilis O09
    |    |         Hyracoptes O09
    |    |         Petauralges Fain & Lukoschus 1979 H98
    |    |           |--P. mordax Domrow 1988 H98
    |    |           `--P. rackae Fain & Lukoschus 1979 H98
    |    |--Makialginae K92
    |    |--Cebalginae K92
    |    |--Listropsoralginae K92
    |    |--Psoralges K92 [Psoralginae O09]
    |    `--Psoroptes Gervais 1841 H98 [Psoroptinae K92]
    |         |--P. cuniculi (Delafond 1859) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |         |--P. equi (Hering 1838) [=Sarcoptes equi] H98
    |         |--P. natalensis E-KO07
    |         `--P. ovis (Hering 1838) [=Sarcoptes communis var. ovis, P. communis var. ovis] H98
    `--Atopomelidae [Atopomelinae] K92
         |--Listrocarpus O09
         |--Oryzomysia O09
         |--Cytostethum H98
         |--Didelphilichus serrifer O09
         |--Dasyurochirus H98
         |--Murichirus H98
         |--Koalachirus Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--K. perkinsi (Domrow 1958) [=Austrochirus perkinsi] H98
         |--Chirodiscoides Hirst 1917 H98
         |    `--C. caviae Hirst 1917 H98
         |--Atellana Domrow 1958 H98
         |    `--A. papilio Donrow 1958 H98
         |--Austrobius Fain 1971 H98
         |    `--A. alatus Fain 1971 H98
         |--Neolabidocarpus Gunther 1942 H98
         |    `--N. buloloensis (Gunther 1940) [=Labidocarpus buloloensis] H98
         |--Notoryctobia Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    `--N. notoryctes Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Procytostethum Fain 1971 H98
         |    `--P. parvum (Domrow 1961) [=Cytostethum parvum] H98
         |--Sclerochiroides Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--S. mirabilis Fain 1970 [=Slerochiroides (l. c.) mirabilis] H98
         |--Sclerochiropsis Fain 1972 H98
         |    `--S. filmeri (Domrow 1960) [=Austrochirus filmeri] H98
         |--Campylochiropsis Fain 1972 H98
         |    |--C. dolichurus (Fain 1972) [=Campylochirus dolichurus] H98
         |    `--C. micrura Fain & Domrow 1974 H98
         |--Labidopygus Fain & Domrow 1973 H98
         |    |--L. australiensis Fain & Domrow 1973 H98
         |    `--L. squamatus Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Petaurobia Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--P. australiana Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    `--P. dactylopsila Fain 1971 H98
         |--Listrophoroides Hirst 1923 [incl. Marquesania Womersley 1943] H98
         |    |--*L. aethiopicus Hirst 1923 H23
         |    |--L. cucullatus (Trouessart 1893) (see below for synonymy) H98
         |    |--L. papuanus Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--L. queenslandicus (Womersley 1943) (see below for synonymy) H98
         |--Petrogalochirus Fain 1970 H98
         |    |--P. dycei (Domrow 1960) [=Austrochirus dycei] H98
         |    |--P. macropus Fain & Domrow 1974 H98
         |    `--P. tasmaniensis Fain 1970 H98
         |--Scolonoticus Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--S. brevis Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--S. medius Fain 1972 H98
         |    |--S. petaurus Fain 1972 H98
         |    `--S. quasinudus Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Campylochirus Trouessart 1893 [incl. Cricetomysia Lawrence 1956] H98
         |    |--C. antechinus Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--C. brevicepsicola Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    |--C. brevipenis Fain & Domrow 1976 H98
         |    |--C. chelopus Trouessart 1893 [incl. Cricetomysia andrei Lawrence 1956] H98
         |    `--C. sthenophallus Fain & Domrow 1976 H98
         `--Austrochirus Womersley 1943 H98
              |--A. armatus Fain 1972 H98
              |--A. dorreensis Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
              |--A. mcmillani Domrow 1961 H98
              |--A. perameles Fain 1971 H98
              |--A. queenslandicus Womersley 1943 [=Campylochirus queenslandicus] H98
              `--A. squamiferus Fain 1970 [=A. squamatus (l. c.)] H98

Sarcoptoidea incertae sedis:
  Gastronyssidae O09
    |--Gastronyssus bakeri O09
    |--Yunkeracarus O09
    |--Sciuracarus paraxeri O09
    |--Rodhainyssus Fain 1956 H98
    |    `--R. nyctophili Fain 1967 H98
    `--Opsonyssus Fain 1959 H98
         |--O. asiaticus Fain 1959 H98
         |--O. brutsaerti O09
         `--O. indicus Fain 1959 [=O. brutsaerti indica] H98
  Chirodiscidae O09
  Chirorhynchobia [Chirorhynchobiidae] O09
    `--C. urodermae O09
  Lemurnyssus [Lemurnyssidae] O09
    `--L. galagoensis O09
  Pneumocoptes [Pneumocoptidae] O09
    |--P. banksi O09
    |--P. jellisoni O09
    |--P. penrosei O09
    `--P. tiollaisi O09

Listrophoroides cucullatus (Trouessart 1893) [=Listrophorus cucullatus; incl. Listrophoroides expansus Ferris 1932, Marquesania expansa] H98

Listrophoroides queenslandicus (Womersley 1943) [=Marquesania expansa var. queenslandica; incl. L. australiae Fain 1970] H98

Otodectes cynotis (Hering 1838) H98 [=Sarcoptes cynotis H98; incl. O. cynotis var. cati H23, O. cynotis var. furonis H23]

Psoroptes cuniculi (Delafond 1859) [=Dermatodectes cuniculi, P. communis var. cuniculi; incl. P. caprae (Railliet 1893), P. hippotis Railliet & Henry 1920, P. hippoti (l. c.)] H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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