Ear canker mite Psoroptes cuniculi, copyright Alan R. Walker.

Belongs within: Analgoidea.
Contains: Chirodiscidae, Sarcoptidae, Cystostethum, Dasyurochirus, Murichirus.

The Sarcoptoidea are a group of mites that are found living on mammals, either as parasites or commensals. They include the Psoroptidae, which are found on the skin or in the ears of a wide variety of mammals; psoroptids include the only astigmatine mites parasitising large eutherian mammals. The Atopomelidae are a mostly Southern Hemisphere group of fur mites, specialised for clinging to the hairs of mammals where they feed on sebaceous secretions from the host (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): All tarsi lacking proral setae, tarsus IV lacking seta s; genu I with 0-1 solenidion (2 in Hyracoptes); pretarsus with empodium clawlike in centre of ambulacral disc or may be flattened as central sclerite in fur mites, empodium rarely absent; if ambulacral disc well developed, condylophore guide typically present at junction of ambulacral stalk and disc; pretarsus not retractable. Paraproctal chaetome with 0-3 p setae and 0 ad setae.

<==Sarcoptoidea [Psoroptoidea]
    |--Lobalgidae K92
    |    |--Echimytricalges O09
    |    `--Lobalges trouessarti O09
    |--Myocoptidae [Myocoptinae] K92
    |    |--Dromiciocoptes caenolestes O09
    |    |--Myocoptes Claparède 1868 H98
    |    |    |--M. musculinus (Koch 1836) [=Sarcoptes musculinus] H98
    |    |    `--M. queenslandicus Fain 1986 H98
    |    `--Trichoecius O09
    |         |--T. romboutsi GHG91
    |         `--T. tenax O09
    |--+--Sarcoptidae K92
    |  `--Rhyncoptidae K92
    |       |--Ursicoptes K92
    |       |--Saimirioptes paradoxus K92, O09
    |       |--Audycoptes [Audycoptidae] K92
    |       |--Caenolestocoptes [Caenolestocoptinae] K92
    |       |    `--C. inca Fain & Lukoschus 1976 K92
    |       `--Rhyncoptes K92
    |            |--R. anastosi O09
    |            `--R. grabberi O09
    |--Psoroptidae [Acaroptidae] K92
    |    |  i. s.: Acaroptes Womersley 1953 H98
    |    |           |--A. vombatus Womersley 1953 H98
    |    |           `--A. womersleyi Fain 1965 H98
    |    |         Chorioptes Gervais & Beneden 1859 H98
    |    |           |--C. bovis (Hering 1845) [=Sarcoptes bovis; incl. C. ovis (Railliet 1893)] H98
    |    |           `--C. caprae G38
    |    |         Otodectes Canestrini 1894 H98
    |    |           `--O. cynotis (Hering 1838) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |         Coendalges panamaensis O09
    |    |         Caparinia tripilis O09
    |    |         Hyracoptes O09
    |    |         Petauralges Fain & Lukoschus 1979 H98
    |    |           |--P. mordax Domrow 1988 H98
    |    |           `--P. rackae Fain & Lukoschus 1979 H98
    |    |--Makialginae K92
    |    |--Cebalginae K92
    |    |--Listropsoralginae K92
    |    |--Psoralges K92 [Psoralginae O09]
    |    `--Psoroptes Gervais 1841 H98 [Psoroptinae K92]
    |         |--P. cuniculi (Delafond 1859) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |         |--P. equi (Hering 1838) [=Sarcoptes equi] H98
    |         |--P. natalensis E-KO07
    |         `--P. ovis (Hering 1838) [=Sarcoptes communis var. ovis, P. communis var. ovis] H98
    `--Atopomelidae [Atopomelinae] K92
         |--Listrocarpus O09
         |--Oryzomysia O09
         |--Cytostethum H98
         |--Didelphilichus serrifer O09
         |--Dasyurochirus H98
         |--Murichirus H98
         |--Koalachirus Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--K. perkinsi (Domrow 1958) [=Austrochirus perkinsi] H98
         |--Chirodiscoides Hirst 1917 H98
         |    `--C. caviae Hirst 1917 H98
         |--Atellana Domrow 1958 H98
         |    `--A. papilio Donrow 1958 H98
         |--Austrobius Fain 1971 H98
         |    `--A. alatus Fain 1971 H98
         |--Neolabidocarpus Gunther 1942 H98
         |    `--N. buloloensis (Gunther 1940) [=Labidocarpus buloloensis] H98
         |--Notoryctobia Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    `--N. notoryctes Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Procytostethum Fain 1971 H98
         |    `--P. parvum (Domrow 1961) [=Cytostethum parvum] H98
         |--Sclerochiroides Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--S. mirabilis Fain 1970 [=Slerochiroides (l. c.) mirabilis] H98
         |--Sclerochiropsis Fain 1972 H98
         |    `--S. filmeri (Domrow 1960) [=Austrochirus filmeri] H98
         |--Campylochiropsis Fain 1972 H98
         |    |--C. dolichurus (Fain 1972) [=Campylochirus dolichurus] H98
         |    `--C. micrura Fain & Domrow 1974 H98
         |--Labidopygus Fain & Domrow 1973 H98
         |    |--L. australiensis Fain & Domrow 1973 H98
         |    `--L. squamatus Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Petaurobia Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--P. australiana Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    `--P. dactylopsila Fain 1971 H98
         |--Listrophoroides Hirst 1923 [incl. Marquesania Womersley 1943] H98
         |    |--*L. aethiopicus Hirst 1923 H23
         |    |--L. cucullatus (Trouessart 1893) (see below for synonymy) H98
         |    |--L. papuanus Fain 1970 H98
         |    `--L. queenslandicus (Womersley 1943) (see below for synonymy) H98
         |--Petrogalochirus Fain 1970 H98
         |    |--P. dycei (Domrow 1960) [=Austrochirus dycei] H98
         |    |--P. macropus Fain & Domrow 1974 H98
         |    `--P. tasmaniensis Fain 1970 H98
         |--Scolonoticus Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--S. brevis Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--S. medius Fain 1972 H98
         |    |--S. petaurus Fain 1972 H98
         |    `--S. quasinudus Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |--Campylochirus Trouessart 1893 [incl. Cricetomysia Lawrence 1956] H98
         |    |--C. antechinus Fain 1971 H98
         |    |--C. brevicepsicola Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
         |    |--C. brevipenis Fain & Domrow 1976 H98
         |    |--C. chelopus Trouessart 1893 [incl. Cricetomysia andrei Lawrence 1956] H98
         |    `--C. sthenophallus Fain & Domrow 1976 H98
         `--Austrochirus Womersley 1943 H98
              |--A. armatus Fain 1972 H98
              |--A. dorreensis Fain & Lukoschus 1981 H98
              |--A. mcmillani Domrow 1961 H98
              |--A. perameles Fain 1971 H98
              |--A. queenslandicus Womersley 1943 [=Campylochirus queenslandicus] H98
              `--A. squamiferus Fain 1970 [=A. squamatus (l. c.)] H98

Sarcoptoidea incertae sedis:
  Gastronyssidae O09
    |--Gastronyssus bakeri O09
    |--Yunkeracarus O09
    |--Sciuracarus paraxeri O09
    |--Rodhainyssus Fain 1956 H98
    |    `--R. nyctophili Fain 1967 H98
    `--Opsonyssus Fain 1959 H98
         |--O. asiaticus Fain 1959 H98
         |--O. brutsaerti O09
         `--O. indicus Fain 1959 [=O. brutsaerti indica] H98
  Chirodiscidae O09
  Chirorhynchobia [Chirorhynchobiidae] O09
    `--C. urodermae O09
  Lemurnyssus [Lemurnyssidae] O09
    `--L. galagoensis O09
  Pneumocoptes [Pneumocoptidae] O09
    |--P. banksi O09
    |--P. jellisoni O09
    |--P. penrosei O09
    `--P. tiollaisi O09

Listrophoroides cucullatus (Trouessart 1893) [=Listrophorus cucullatus; incl. Listrophoroides expansus Ferris 1932, Marquesania expansa] H98

Listrophoroides queenslandicus (Womersley 1943) [=Marquesania expansa var. queenslandica; incl. L. australiae Fain 1970] H98

Otodectes cynotis (Hering 1838) H98 [=Sarcoptes cynotis H98; incl. O. cynotis var. cati H23, O. cynotis var. furonis H23]

Psoroptes cuniculi (Delafond 1859) [=Dermatodectes cuniculi, P. communis var. cuniculi; incl. P. caprae (Railliet 1893), P. hippotis Railliet & Henry 1920, P. hippoti (l. c.)] H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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