Lucoppia burrowsi, copyright Charley Eiseman.

Belongs within: Oripodoidea.
Contains: Phauloppia, Oribatula (Oribatula), Oribatula (Zygoribatula), Paraphauloppia (Paraphauloppia), Maculobates, Liebstadia, Totobates.

The Oribatulidae are a diverse group of oribatid mites with reduced pteromorphs. The composition of the family has been subject to some fluidity. Lee (1991) recognised a number of the taxa previously included in the Oribatulidae as a separate family, Crassoribatulidae, on the basis of leg chaetotaxy (specifically the presence in Oribatulidae sensu stricto of seta v2 on femur II), but this division has not been accepted by all subsequent authors. Indeed, Subías (2004) treated some genera treated by Lee as belonging to separate families as synonymous. Also of uncertain position are the Liebstadiinae which possess small but immovable pteromorphs.

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Length 250-900 µm. Prodorsum curving over gnathosoma, covering chelicerae dorsally; rostrum rounded. Bothridium inserted anterior to notogastral margin. Prolamella, sublamella, tutorium and pleural carinae absent. Chelicerae with two setae. Distal eupathidia on palptarsus not in same plane. Pteromorphs or humeral projections absent. Posterior notogastral tectum absent. Sternal furrow absent. Adanal setation three pairs. Marginoventral porose areas present. Tarsus I without dorsal porose area.

    |--Capilloppiinae [Capilloppiidae] L92
    |    |--Lunoribatula Mahunka 1982 L92, S04
    |    |    `--*L. polygonata Mahunka 1982 S04
    |    `--Capilloppia Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
    |         |--*C. capillata Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
    |         |--C. hessei (Jacot 1940) [=Oribatula hessei] S04
    |         `--C. smithersi (Jacot 1940) [=Oribatula smithersi] S04
    |--Oribatulinae [Fovoribatulinae] L91
    |    |--Phauloppia L92
    |    |--Oribatula Berlese 1896 S04
    |    |    |--O. (Oribatula) S04
    |    |    `--O. (Zygoribatula) S04
    |    |--Paraphauloppia Hammer 1967 L91, S04
    |    |    |--P. (Paraphauloppia) S04
    |    |    `--P. (Monophauloppia Balogh 1988) S04
    |    |         `--P. (*M.) planissima Balogh 1988 S04
    |    |--Spinoppia Higgins & Woolley 1966 L92
    |    |    `--*S. magniserrata Higgins & Woolley 1966 S04
    |    |--Jornadia Wallwork & Weems 1984 L92, S04 [incl. Woolleybates Balogh & Balogh 1984 S04]
    |    |    |--*J. larreae Wallwork & Weems 1984 S04
    |    |    |--J. dactyloscopica (Balogh & Mahunka 1968) S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    `--J. longipilis Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1991 S04
    |    `--Lucoppia Berlese 1908 S04 [incl. Romanobates Feider, Vasiliu & Calugar 1970 S04, LB91]
    |         |--L. burrowsi (Michael 1890) S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--L. nicora Djaparidze 1986 S04
    |         |--L. orientalis Djaparidze 1985 S04
    |         |--L. ornata Berlese 1916 S04
    |         `--L. reticulata (Feider, Vasiliu & Calugar 1970) [=*Romanobates reticulatus BB92a]
    `--Liebstadiinae [Liebstadiidae] CH98
         |--Maculobates S04
         |--Liebstadia NB-P09
         |--Totobates S04
         |--Angullozetes Hammer 1967 S04
         |    `--*A. rostratus Hammer 1967 S04
         |--Berndibula Mahunka 2000 S04
         |    `--*B. bisculpturata Mahunka 2000 S04
         |--Haloribatula Schuster 1957 S04
         |    `--*H. tenareae Schuster 1957 S04
         |--Poroscheloribates Arillo, Gil-Martín & Subías 1994 S04
         |    `--*P. canariensis Arillo, Gil-Martín & Subías 1994 S04
         |--Cordiozetes Mahunka 1983 [incl. Mixoribatula Mahunka 1987] S04
         |    |--*C. clavisetus Mahunka 1983 S04
         |    `--C. olahi Mahunka 1987 [=C. (Mixoribatula) olahi] S04
         `--Reductobates Balogh & Mahunka 1966 [incl. Ingella Hammer 1967] S04
              |--*R. humeratus Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
              |--R. bicolor (Hammer 1973) [=Ingella bicolor] S04
              |--R. brassi Balogh 1970 S04
              |--R. bullager (Hammer 1967) S04 [=*Ingella bullager BB92a]
              `--R. latiohumeralis Hammer 1972 S04

Oribatulidae incertae sedis:
  Grandjeania Balogh 1963 [incl. Grandjeanella Balogh 1961 non Southcott 1961] S04
    `--*G. bicaudata (Balogh 1961) [=Grandjeanella bicaudata] S04
  Phauloppiella Subías 1977 S04
    |--*P. striata Subías 1977 S04
    `--P. glabra Mahunka 1987 S04
  Neolucoppia Tseng 1984 S04
    `--*N. luculenta Tseng 1984 S04
  Megatrichobates Grobler 2000 S04
    |--*M. striatus Grobler 2000 S04
    `--M. longisetosus Grobler 2000 S04
  Ovobates Mahunka 1994 S04
    `--*O. subnitidus (Berlese 1913) [=Micreremus subnitidus] S04
  Diphauloppia Balogh & Balogh 1984 S04
    `--*D. luminosa (Hammer 1973) [=Subphauloppia luminosa] S04
  Subphauloppia Hammer 1967 S04
    |--*S. dentonyx Hammer 1967 S04
    |--S. endroedyi Mahunka 1985 S04
    |--S. glabra Hammer 1973 S04
    `--S. lamellata Mahunka 1985 S04
  Paraleius Travé 1960 NB-P09, S04
    |--*P. (Paraleius) leontonycha (Berlese 1910) [=Oribella leontonycha] BB92a
    |--P. (Metaleius Travé 1960) S04
    |    `--P. (*M.) strenzkei (Travé 1960) [=*Metaleius strenzkei] S04
    `--P. (Wallworkiella Hammer 1979) S04
         `--P. (*W.) nasalis (Hammer 1979) [=*Wallworkiella nasalis] S04

Jornadia dactyloscopica (Balogh & Mahunka 1968) S04 [=Oribatula dactyloscopica S04, *Woolleybates dactyloscopia BB92a]

Lucoppia burrowsi (Michael 1890) S04 [=Notaspis burrowsi S04; incl. Zygoribatula apletosa Higgins & Woolley 1975 S04, Zetes lucorum Berlese 1892 non Koch 1841 S04, *Lucoppia lucorum S04, Oppia lucorum G48, Romanobates maiensis Choi 1995 S04, Notaspis pectinata Hall 1912 non Michael 1885 S04, Eremaeus sanremensis Oudemans 1900 S04, Zygoribatula spinosissima Mihelčič 1956 S04, Lucoppia spinosissima BB92b]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[LB91] Lee, D. C. & C. M. Birchby. 1991. Ceroribatula gen. nov., Fovoribatula gen. nov. and Fovoribatulinae sf. nov. (Acarida: Cryptostigmata: Oribatulidae) from South Australian soils. Records of the South Australian Museum 24 (2): 71–89.

[NB-P09] Norton, R. A., & V. M. Behan-Pelletier. 2009. Suborder Oribatida. In: Krantz, G. W., & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 430–564. Texas Tech University Press.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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