Nannochloropsis oculata, from SBAE Industries NV.

Belongs within: Heterokonta.
Contains: Diatomeae, Marista, Chrysomonadea.

The Ochrophyta includes the photosynthetic heterokonts (golden and brown algae, etc.) and their secondarily non-photosynthetic deerivatives. They possess either a single ciliary transition region helix (Phaeista) or lack this helix entirely (Khakista) (Cavalier-Smith & Chao 2006).

Ochrophyta [Chrysomonadida, Chrysophycophyta, Chrysophyta, Dictyochiae, Ochrista]
    |--Khakista [Khakiphytina] C-SC06
    |    |--Diatomeae C-SC06
    |    `--Bolidomonas [Bolidomonadales, Bolidophyceae] C-SC06
    |         |--B. mediterranea C-SC06
    |         `--B. pacifica C-SC06
    |              |--B. p. var. pacifica C-SC06
    |              `--B. p. var. eleuthera C-SC06
    `--Phaeista [Chrysista, Limnistia] C-SC06
         |--Marista C-SC06
         `--Limnista C-SC06
              |--+--Chrysomonadea C-SC06
              |  `--Picophagea C-SC06
              |       |--Picophagus Guillou & Chr├ętiennot-Dinet 1999 [Picophagaceae, Picophagales] C-SC06
              |       |    `--P. flagellatus C-SC06
              |       `--Chlamydomyxa [Chlamydomyxales] C-SC06
              |            |--C. labyrinthuloides C-SC06
              |            `--C. montana C-SC06
              `--Eustigmatales [Eustigmatida, Eustigmatophyceae, Eustigmatophyta] C-SC06
                   |  i. s.: Vischeria helvetica C-SC06, KI02
                   |         Monodus subterranea KI02
                   |--+--Eustigmatos magna C-SC06
                   |  `--Pseudocharaciopsis minuta C-SC06, KI02
                   `--+--Monodopsis subterranea C-SC06
                      `--Nannochloropsis C-SC06
                           |--N. granulata KI02
                           |--N. oceanica C-SC06
                           |--N. oculata KI02
                           `--N. salina KM03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C-SC06] Cavalier-Smith, T., & E. E.-Y. Chao. 2006. Phylogeny and megasystematics of phagotrophic heterokonts (kingdom Chromista). Journal of Molecular Evolution 62: 388-420.

[KI02] Kawachi, M., I. Inouye, D. Honda, C. J. O’Kelly, J. C. Bailey, R. R. Bidigare & R. A. Andersen. 2002. The Pinguiophyceae classis nova, a new class of photosynthetic stramenopiles whose members produce large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Phycological Research 50: 31-47.

[KM03] Kawai, H., S. Maeba, H. Sasaki, K. Okuda & E. C. Henry. 2003. Schizocladia ischiensis: A new filamentous marine chromophyte belonging to a new class, Schizocladiophyceae. Protist 154: 211-228.

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