Male Allothrips megacephalus stannardi, from PaDIL.

Belongs within: Phlaeothripidae.

The Allothripina is a group of small, wingless fungus-feeding thrips, most species of which have a large terminal sensorium on the maxillary palps that superficially resembles an extra segment (Mound & Palmer 1983).

Characters (from Mound & Palmer 1983; Priesner 1960): Smaller forms, all of them wingless. Head often slightly advanced before the eyes. Eyes small, usually directed forward; when somewhat bigger, then head constricted behind the eyes and ommata strongly arched. Terminal sensorium on maxillary palps stout. Metathoracic sternopleural sutures usually present.

<==Allothripina [Pygidiothripini] P60
    |--Faureothrips Priesner 1949 MP83
    |    `--*F. reticulatus (Trybom 1912) [=Cryptothrips reticulatus] MP83
    |--Allopisothrips Sakimura & Bianchi 1977 MP83
    |    `--*A. alakaiensis Sakimura & Bianchi 1977 MP83
    |--Allidothrips Zur Strassen 1968 MP83
    |    |--*A. tricolor Zur Strassen 1968 MP83
    |    `--A. cinctus (Faure 1945) [=Allothrips cinctus] MP83
    |--Pseudocryptothrips Priesner 1919 MP83
    |    |--*P. meridionalis Priesner 1919 MM96
    |    |--P. fuscicauda (Trybom 1912) [=Cryptothrips fuscicauda; incl. P. proximus Faure 1933] MP83
    |    `--P. gradatus (Hood 1925) [=Cryptothrips gradatus] MM96
    |--Priesneriella Hood 1927 [incl. Embothrips Dyadechko 1961, Parallothrips Hood 1939, Pygidiothrips Hood 1938] MP83
    |    |--*P. citricauda Hood 1927 MM96
    |    |--P. clavicornis (Knetchtel 1936) [=Hoplothrips clavicornis; incl. Parallothrips tuzetae Bournier 1956] MP83
    |    |--P. gnomus Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |    |--P. luctator (zur Strassen 1966) [=Parallothrips luctator] MP83
    |    |--P. mavromoustaki (Crawford 1948) (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    |--P. seminole (Hood 1938) MM96 [=*Pygidiothrips seminole MP83]
    |    |--P. thomasi (Hood 1939) MM96 [=*Parallothrips thomasi MP83]
    |    `--P. tubversicolor (Dyadechko 1961) [=*Embothrips tubversicolor] MP83
    `--Allothrips Hood 1908 MM96 [incl. Bryothrips Priesner 1925 MP83]
         |--*A. megacephalus Hood 1908 MM96
         |    |--A. m. megacephalus MM96
         |    |--A. m. acutus Stannard 1955 [=A. watsoni acuta] MP83
         |    |--A. m. greensladei Mound 1972 MP83
         |    |--A. m. mexicanus Stannard 1955 MM96 [=A. watsoni mexicana MP83]
         |    |--A. m. prolixus Mound 1972 MP83
         |    |--A. m. stannardi Mound 1972 MP83
         |    `--A. m. watsoni Hood 1939 MP83
         |--A. brasilianus Hood 1955 [incl. A. coanosetosus Berzosa 1990] MM96
         |--A. nubillicauda Watson 1935 MP83
         `--A. pillichellus (Priesner 1925) [=*Bryothrips pillichellus] MP83
              |--A. p. pillichellus MP83
              |--A. p. acaciae Faure 1945 MP83
              |--A. p. africanus Faure 1933 MP83
              |--A. p. aureus Stannard 1955 MP83
              |--A. p. bicolor Ananthakrishnan 1964 MP83
              |--A. p. biminianus Stannard 1955 [=A. watsoni biminiana] MP83
              |--A. p. bournieri Mound 1972 MP83
              |--A. p. indicus Ananthakrishnan 1958 MP83
              `--A. p. montanus Ananthakrishnan 1968 MP83

Priesneriella mavromoustaki (Crawford 1948) [=Parallothrips mavromoustaki; incl. Pa. mavromoustaki f. flaviceps Bournier 1962] MP83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1-487.

[MP83] Mound, L. A. & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1-174.

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