Giant thrips Idolothrips spectrum, photographed by Flyman13.

Belongs within: Idolothripini.

The Idolothripina is a group of fungus-feeding thrips in which the males are characterised by the presence of tubercles laterally on the abdomen (Mound & Palmer 1983).

Characters (from Mound & Palmer 1983): Praepectal plates present. Metathoracic sternopleural sutures not present; metathoracic anapleural sutures relatively short. Forewing duplicated cilia well developed. Abdominal tergites each with two pairs of wing-retaining setae; male with lateral tubercles (drepanae) on abdomen. Abdominal tube usually distinctly hairy.
<==Idolothripina MP83
    |--Cylindrothrips Moulton 1949 MP83
    |    `--*C. niger Moulton 1949 [incl. Derothrips turneri Moulton 1949] MP83
    |--Egchocephalothrips Bagnall 1916 MP83
    |    `--*E. monstrosus (Bagnall 1909) [=Docessissophothrips monstrosus] MP83
    |--Lasiothrips Moulton 1968 MP83
    |    `--*L. perplexus Moulton 1968 MP83
    |--Idolothrips Haliday in Walker 1852 [incl. Acanthinothrips Bagnall 1908] MP83
    |    |--*I. spectrum Haliday in Walker 1852 (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    `--I. dissimilis Girault 1927 MP83
    |--Meiothrips Priesner 1929 (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    |--M. annulipes (Bagnall 1914) (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    |--M. menoni Ananthakrishnan 1964 MP83
    |    `--M. nepalensis Kudo & Ananthakrishnan 1974 (see below for synonymy) MP83
    `--Bacillothrips Buffa 1908 MP83
         |--B. longiceps (Reuter 1901) [=Megalothrips longiceps; incl. *B. linearis Buffa 1908] MP83
         |--B. bagnalli Mound & Palmer 1983 (see below for synonymy) MP83
         `--B. nobilis (Bagnall 1909) [=Megathrips nobilis] MP83

Bacillothrips bagnalli Mound & Palmer 1983 [=Docessissophothrips longiceps Bagnall 1916 non Megalothrips longiceps Reuter 1901] MP83

*Idolothrips spectrum Haliday in Walker 1852 [=*Acanthinothrips spectrum; incl. I. fasciatipennis Girault 1930, I. lacertinus f. infirma Priesner 1928, I. marginatus f. invalida Priesner 1928, I. kellyanus Bagnall 1932, I. lacertina Haliday in Walker 1852, *I. marginata Haliday in Walker 1852, I. terrigena Girault 1928] MP83

Meiothrips Priesner 1929 [incl. Aculeathrips Kudo 1975, Telothrips Kudo & Ananthakrishnan 1974 non Priesner 1929] MP83

Meiothrips annulipes (Bagnall 1914) [=Acanthinothrips annulipes; incl. Idolothrips (*Meiothrips) annulatus Priesner 1929] MP83

Meiothrips nepalensis Kudo & Ananthakrishnan 1974 [=M. (*Telothrips) nepalensis, M. (*Aculeathrips) nepalensis] MP83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MP83] Mound, L. A. & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1-174.

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