Ethirothrips virgulae, from here.

Belongs within: Phlaeothripidae.

The Macrothripina is a group of mostly large thrips that is most diverse in the Old World tropics.

Characters (from Mound & Palmer 1983): Antennal segment IV with four sense cones, these sometimes unusually long. Head sometimes with isolated ommatidium-like structure on each cheek. Metathoracic sternopleural sutures absent. Fore-tibia often with tubercle at inner apex. Abdominal tergites each with one pair of wing-retaining setae. Anal tube without prominent lateral setae.

<==Macrothripina [Macrothripinae] MP83
    |--Aesthesiothrips Ananthakrishnan 1961 MP83
    |    `--*A. jatrophae Ananthakrishnan 1961 MP83
    |--Herathrips Mound 1974 MP83
    |    `--*H. nativus (Girault 1928) [=Adiaphorothrips nativus] MP83
    |--Peltariothrips Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |    `--*P. insolitus Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |--Polytrichothrips Priesner 1939 MP83
    |    `--P. laticeps (Bagnall 1915) [=Docessissophothrips laticeps; incl. *P. pilosus Priesner 1939] MP83
    |--Tarassothrips Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |    `--*T. akritus Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |--Ischyrothrips Schmutz 1913 MP83
    |    `--*I. crassus Schmutz 1913 MP83
    |--Macrothrips Bagnall 1908 MP83
    |    `--*M. papuensis Bagnall 1908 [incl. M. dubius Bagnall 1908, M. intermedius Bagnall 1908] MP83
    |--Diplacothrips Hood 1937 MP83
    |    |--*D. borgmeieri Hood 1937 MM96
    |    `--D. piceus Hood 1952 MM96
    |--Dichaetothrips Hood 1914 MP83
    |    |--*D. brevicollis Hood 1914 MM96
    |    |--D. okajimai Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |    `--D. secutor Mound & Palmer 1983 MP83
    |--Celidothrips Priesner 1951 [incl. Ommatidothrips Mound 1970] MP83
    |    |--*C. adiaphorus (Karny 1923) [=Docessissophothrips adiaphorus] MP83
    |    |--C. camelus (Karny 1920) [=Adiaphorothrips camelus] MP83
    |    |--C. dolichos (Hood 1918) [=Cryptothrips dolichos] MP83
    |    `--C. lawrencei (Mound 1970) [=*Ommatidothrips lawrencei] MP83
    |--Diaphorothrips Karny 1920 [incl. Cnemidothrips Priesner 1940] MP83
    |    |--*D. unguipes Karny 1920 [incl. D. spinosus Ananthakrishnan 1959, D. thevetii Ananthakrishnan 1957] MP83
    |    |--D. clavipes Priesner 1940 MP83
    |    |--D. hamipes Karny 1923 [=D. (*Cnemidothrips) hamipes] MP83
    |    `--D. kraussi Sakimura 1979 MP83
    |--Machatothrips Bagnall 1908 [incl. Adiaphorothrips Bagnall 1909, Cnestrothrips Priesner 1932] MP83
    |    |--*M. biuncinatus Bagnall 1908 [incl. M. montanus Priesner 1932, *Adiaphorothrips simplex Bagnall 1909] MP83
    |    |--M. antennatus (Bagnall 1915) (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    |--M. artocarpi Moulton 1928 MP83
    |    |--M. braueri Karny 1912 (see below for synonymy) MP83
    |    |--M. celosia Moulton 1928 MP83
    |    |--‘Adiaphorothrips’ citritarsus Girault 1928 G28
    |    |--‘Adiaphorothrips’ clavisetae Girault 1926 G26
    |    |--M. corticosus Ananthakrishnan 1972 MP83
    |    |--M. decorus Palmer & Mound 1978 MP83
    |    |--M. diabolus (Priesner 1928) [=Adiaphorothrips diabolus] MP83
    |    |--M. haplodon Karny 1925 [incl. M. braueri var. buffai Karny 1925, M. simplicidens Bagnall 1934] MP83
    |    |--M. heveae Karny 1921 MP83
    |    |--M. indicus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1970 MP83
    |    |--M. lentus Palmer & Mound 1978 MP83
    |    |--‘Adiaphorothrips’ pulchra Girault 1927 G27
    |    |--M. quadrudentatus Moulton 1947 MP83
    |    |--‘Adiaphorothrips’ semifuscipennis Girault 1926 G26
    |    |--‘Adiaphorothrips’ shakespearella Girault 1927 G27
    |    `--M. silvaticus Ananthakrishnan 1972 MP83
    `--Ethirothrips Karny 1925 (see below for synonymy) MP83
         |--E. stenomelas (Walker 1859) (see below for synonymy) MP83
         |--E. acanthus (Hood 1919) (see below for synonymy) MP83
         |--E. adventor (Bianchi 1945) [=Dichaetothrips adventor] MP83
         |--E. agasthya (Ramakrishna 1934) [=Elaphrothrips agasthya, *Elaphridia agasthya] MP83
         |--E. anacardii (Ananthakrishnan 1969) [=*Decothrips anacardii] MP83
         |--E. angusticornis (Bagnall 1924) MM96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--E. australiensis (Moulton 1968) [=Gastrothrips australiensis] MP83
         |--E. barretti (Mound 1974) [=Scotothrips barretti] MP83
         |--E. beesoni (Moulton 1928) [=Dichaetothrips beesoni] MP83
         |--E. brevis (Bagnall 1921) MM96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--E. brevisetosus (Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1970) [=Diceratothrips brevisetosus] MP83
         |--E. distasmus (Mound 1974) [=Scotothrips distasmus] MP83
         |--E. dracon (Karny 1920) [=Adiaphorothrips dracon] MP83
         |--E. elephas (Karny 1920) [=Adiaphorothrips elephas, *Scotothrips elephas] MP83
         |--E. fijiensis (Moulton 1944) [=Paracryptothrips fijiensis] MP83
         |--E. firmus (Hood 1952) [=Gastrothrips firmus] MM96
         |--E. giraulti (Hood 1918) [=Adiaphorothrips giraulti] MP83
         |--E. indicus (Bagnall 1921) [=Mesothrips indicus, *Percipiothrips indicus] MP83
         |--E. ‘indicus’ (Ananthakrishnan 1969) non Mesothrips indicus Bagnall 1921 [=*Uredothrips indicus] MP83
         |--E. inermis (Moulton 1944) [=*Paracryptothrips inermis] MP83
         |--E. io (Girault 1926) [=Adiaphorothrips io] MP83
         |--E. latapennis (Moulton 1968) [=*Eurynotothrips latapennis] MP83
         |--E. longisetis (Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1970) [=Diceratothrips longisetis] MP83
         |--E. madagascariensis (Bagnall 1936) [=Cryptothrips madagascariensis] MP83
         |--E. obscurus (Schmutz 1913) MM96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--E. sybarita (Mound 1974) [=Scotothrips sybarita] MP83
         |--E. tibialis (Okajima 1975) [=Uredothrips tibialis] MP83
         |--E. tirumalaiensis (Ananthakrishnan 1969) [=Uredothrips tirumalaiensis] MP83
         |--E. uredinis (Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1970) [=Diceratothrips uredinis] MP83
         |--E. virgulae (Chen 1980) [=Scotothrips virgulae] MP83
         `--E. vitreipennis (Priesner 1939) [=Scotothrips vitreipennis] MP83

Ethirothrips Karny 1925 [incl. Decothrips Ananthakrishnan 1969, Elaphridia Ananthakrishnan 1964, Eurynotothrips Moulton 1968, Paracryptothrips Moulton 1944, Percipiothrips Ananthakrishnan 1964, Scotothrips Priesner 1939, Uredothrips Ananthakrishnan 1969] MP83

Ethirothrips acanthus (Hood 1919) [=Cryptothrips acanthus; incl. Adiaphorothrips differens Priesner 1928, A. nox Girault 1928, A. sismondini Girault 1926, Cryptothrips sjostedti Karny 1920] MP83

Ethirothrips angusticornis (Bagnall 1924) MM96 [=Mesothrips angusticornis MM96; incl. Cryptothrips latus fijiensis Moulton 1944 non Paracryptothrips fijiensis Moulton 1944 MP83, Neoheegeria hibisci Moulton & Steinweden 1933 MM96, Ethirothrips hibisci MP83, N. longus Moulton 1944 MP83]

Ethirothrips brevis (Bagnall 1921) MM96 [=Adiaphorothrips brevis MM96; incl. Dichaetothrips claripennis Moulton 1934 MP83, Nesothrips diversus Ananthakrishnan 1972 MP83, N. indicus Ananthakrishnan 1968 non Mesothrips indicus Bagnall 1921 MP83, Gastrothrips trinidadensis Hood 1935 MM96]

Ethirothrips obscurus (Schmutz 1913) MM96 [=Ischyrothrips obscurus MM96; incl. Dichaetothrips fungivorus Priesner 1939 MP83, Neosmerinthothrips gloveri Ramakrishna & Margabandhu 1939 MP83, Dich. indicus Ananthakrishnan 1961 MP83, Mesothrips karnyi Bagnall 1924 MP83, Dich. neivei Hood 1940 MM96, Diceratothrips usitatus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1970 MP83]

Ethirothrips stenomelas (Walker 1859) [=Phlaeothrips stenomelas; incl. Diceratothrips brevicornis Bagnall 1910, Liothrips gigas Karny 1913, L. intrepidus Bagnall 1921, Ethirothrips madagascariensis Bagnall 1936 non Cryptothrips madagascariensis Bagnall 1936, Cryptothrips niger Moulton & Steinweden 1935 non Ischyrothrips niger Schmutz 1913, Ischyrothrips niger Schmutz 1913, L. nigricornis Bagnall 1921, Mesothrips setidens Moulton 1928, L. (*Ethirothrips) thomassetti Bagnall 1921] MP83

Machatothrips antennatus (Bagnall 1915) [=Adiaphorothrips antennatus; incl. *Cnestrothrips dammermani Priesner 1932] MP83

Machatothrips braueri Karny 1912 [incl. M. paucidens var. bicolorisetosus Bagnall 1934, M. braueri f. karnyi Priesner 1932, M. multidens Bagnall 1934, M. paucidens Bagnall 1934] MP83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G26] Girault, A. A. 1926. New pests from Australia. V. Privately published (reprinted Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 206-207).

[G27] Girault, A. A. 1927. Some new wild animals. Privately published (reprinted Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 208-210).

[G28] Girault, A. A. 1928. A prodigeous discourse on wild animals. Privately published (reprinted Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 218-220).

[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1-487.

[MP83] Mound, L. A. & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1-174.

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