Diphyes dispar, photographed by R. Hopcroft.

Belongs within: Hydrozoa.

The Codonophora is a clade within the siphonophores characterised by the presence of nectosomes, bell-shaped zooids specialised for swimming, and gelatinous shield-like bracts (these latter lost in some subgroups) (Dunn et al. 2005).

<==Codonophora [Brachystelia, Physonectae]
    |  i. s.: Lychnagalma utricularia [incl. L. vesicularia] DPH05
    |--Apolemia DPH05
    `--+--Cordagalma cordiforme DPH05
       |--Erenna DPH05
       |--Stephalia [Rhodaliidae] DPH05
       |    `--S. dilata DPH05
       |--Bargmannia DPH05
       |    |--B. amoena DPH05
       |    `--B. elongata DPH05
       |--Stephanomia DPH05
       |    |--S. amphytridis [=Halistemma amphytridis, S. amphitridis (l. c.)] DPH05
       |    |--S. bijuga B26
       |    `--S. cara B26
       |--+--+--Physophora [Physophoridae] DPH05
       |  |  |    `--P. hydrostatica DPH05
       |  |  `--Forskalia DPH05
       |  |       |--F. tholoides DPH05
       |  |       `--+--F. edwardsi DPH05
       |  |          `--+--F. asymmetrica DPH05
       |  |             `--F. formosa DPH05
       |  `--Agalmatidae DPH05
       |       |--Nanomia DPH05
       |       |    |--N. bijuga DPH05
       |       |    `--N. cara IF02
       |       `--+--Halistemma rubrum DPH05
       |          `--Agalma DPH05
       |               |--A. clausi DPH05
       |               `--+--A. elegans DPH05
       |                  `--+--A. okeni DPH05
       |                     `--Athorybia [Athorybiidae] DPH05
       |                          `--A. rosacea DPH05
       `--Calycophorae DPH05
            |--+--Praya dubia DPH05
            |  `--+--Nectadamas diomedeae DPH05
            |     `--Nectopyramis natans DPH05
            `--+--Craseoa lathetica DPH05
               |--+--+--Gymnopraia lapislazula DPH05
               |  |  `--Rosacea flaccida DPH05
               |  `--Vogtia K├Âlliker 1853 DPH05
               |       |--V. pentacantha DPH05
               |       `--+--V. glabra DPH05
               |          `--Hippopodius Quoy & Gaimard 1827 DPH05
               |               `--H. hippopus DPH05
               `--+--+--Chuniphyes multidentata DPH05
                  |  `--Clausophyes ovata DPH05
                  `--+--Sphaeronectes gracilis DPH05
                     `--Diphyidae DPH05
                          |--+--Muggiaea atlantica DPH05
                          |  `--+--Lensia conoidea DPH05
                          |     `--Sulculeolaria quadrivalvis DPH05
                          `--+--Chelophyes appendiculata DPH05
                             `--+--Abylopsis [Abylidae] DPH05
                                |    `--A. tetragona DPH05
                                `--Diphyes DPH05
                                     |--D. appendiculata B26
                                     |--D. arctica B26
                                     |--D. bojani B26
                                     |--D. dispar DPH05
                                     |--D. spiralis B26
                                     `--D. truncata B26

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B26] Bigelow, H. B. 1926. Plankton of the offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine. Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries 40 (2): 1-509.

[DPH05] Dunn, C. W., P. R. Pugh & S. H. D. Haddock. 2005. Molecular phylogenetics of the Siphonophora (Cnidaria), with implications for the evolution of functional specialization. Systematic Biology 54 (6): 916-935.

[IF02] Ivantsov, A. Yu., & M. A. Fedonkin. 2002. Conulariid-like fossil from the Vendian of Russia: A metazoan clade across the Proterozoic/Palaeozoic boundary. Palaeontology 45 (6): 1219-1229.

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