Male genitalia of Gymnobathra flavidella, from Philpott (1927). (A) Lateral view; (b) harpe, inner view; (c) juxta; (d) tegumen, obliquely dorsal view; (e) vinculum.

Belongs within: Gelechioidea.

Gymnobathra is a genus of moths endemic to New Zealand, with larvae feeding on dead wood.

Characters (from Hoare 2010): Uncus well developed and sclerotised; gnathos present; inner surface of valva with specialised patch of setae.

<==Gymnobathra Meyrick 1884 P27
    |--*G. flavidella P27
    |--G. bryaula Meyr. 1905 P27
    |--G. caliginosa Philpott 1927 P27
    |--G. calliploca P27
    |--G. cenchrias P27
    |--G. coarctatella [incl. G. sarcoxantha Meyr. 1883] P27
    |--G. habropis [incl. G. philadelpha Meyr. 1883] P27
    |--G. hamatella P27
    |--G. hyetodes P27
    |--G. omphalota P27
    |--G. parca (Butl. 1887) P27
    |--G. squamea P27
    |--G. thetodes Meyr. 1883 P27
    `--G. tholodella P27

*Type species of generic name indicated


Hoare, R. J. B. 2010. Izatha (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Oecophoridae). Fauna of New Zealand 65: 1-201.

[P27] Philpott, A. 1927. The genitalia of the genus Gymnobathra (Oecophoridae: Lepidoptera). Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 716-721.

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