Right upper molar of Kielantherium gobiensis in (a) occlusal, (b) anterior and (c) labial views, from Lopatin & Averianov (2006).

Belongs within: Trechnotheria.
Contains: Metatheria, Eutheria.

The Boreosphenida is the clade uniting modern marsupials and placentals with their immediate fossil relatives sharing ancestrally tribosphenic molars (with three cusps).

Synapomorphies (from Rougier et al. 1998): Protocone small with distinct trigon basin (inferred from talonid); lower molar talonid with multicuspidated basin.

    |  i. s.: Tribactonodon VG09
    |         Kermackia FP99
    |--Kielantherium gobiensis LC07, WR07
    `--+--Aegialodon LC07
       |--Potamolestes RWN98
       `--+--Slaughteria RWN98
          `--+--Pappotherium FP99
             `--Theria [Creophaga, Deltatheridia, Deltatheridioidea, Insectivora, Palaeoryctoidea, Sarcobora] WR07
                  |  i. s.: Chronozoon DeVis 1883 LA02
                  |           `--*C. australe DeVis 1883 LA02
                  |         Mixodectidae S35
                  |           |--Mixodectes S35
                  |           `--Eudaemonema Simpson 1935 S35
                  |                `--*E. cuspidata Simpson 1935 S35
                  |         Vulpavoides Matthes 1952 V66
                  |         Ziphacodon Marsh 1872 (n. d.) V66
                  |         Aethechinus algirus JP84
                  |         Miothen Cope 1873 M60
                  |           |--*M. crassigenus Cope 1873 M60
                  |           `--M. gracile Cope 1873 M60
                  |--Metatheria WR07
                  `--Eutheria WR07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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