Paralaoma caputspinulae, from here.

Belongs within: Stylommatophora.

The Punctidae are a cosmopolitan (except South America) family of minute to small snails, most diverse in cool, moist upland habitats (Stanisic et al. 2010).

<==Punctidae [Polyplacognatha, Punctinae] BR05
    |--Patulastra Pfeiffer 1879 [Patulastridae] BR05
    |--Afropunctum seminium (Morelet 1873) FGN07
    |--Punctum Morse 1864 BR05
    |    |--P. minutissimum G59
    |    `--P. pygmaeum (Draparnaud 1805) CC06
    |--Hydrophrea Climo 1974 BV86
    |    `--H. academica (Climo 1970) BV86
    |--Laoma Gray 1850 [Laomidae, Laominae] BR05
    |    `--L. subantarctica (Suter 1909) [=Phenacohelix subantarctica] G01
    `--Paralaoma Iredale 1913 [Paralaomidae] BR05
         |--P. caputspinulae (Reeve 1852) S88
         `--P. retinodes (Tate 1894) [=Charopa retinodes, Flammulina retinodes] S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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