Tellina tenuis, photographed by Paul Naylor.

Belongs within: Tellinoidea.

Tellina is a genus of burrowing heterodont bivalves that first appeared in the Lower Cretaceous. Tellina species burrow deeper than many other heterodonts, using their elongate siphons to feed from surface sediments.

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Shells somewhat elongate with external ligament; valves more or less unequal; two cardinal hinge teeth two in either valve, lateral teeth present in at least on valve; adductor muscle scars connected by pallial line with distinct sinus. Sculpture various. Animal with two elongate siphons that are not fused.

    |--T. agilis K-MM02
    |--T. asperrima Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. aurea Perry 1811 H09
    |--T. australis Deshayes 1855 H09
    |--T. capsoides Lamarck 1818 H09
    |--T. compacta Smith 1885 H09
    |--T. crassa M62
    |--T. crassiplicata Sowerby 1758 BW09
    |--T. crucigera Lamarck 1818 BW09
    |--T. diluta Smith 1885 H09
    |--T. dispar Conrad 1837 H09
    |--T. donaciformis Deshayes 1855 H09
    |--T. emarginata Sowerby 1825 H09
    |--T. exculta Gould 1850 BW09
    |--T. gargadia Linnaeus 1758 H09
    |--T. inconspicua Broderip & Sowerby 1829 F27
    |--T. inflata Gmelin 1791 H09
    |--T. iridescens (Benson 1842) [=Sanguinolaria iridescens] H09
    |--T. languida Smith 1885 H09
    |--T. linguafelis (Linnaeus 1758) BW09 [=Arcopagia linguafelis H09]
    |--T. lux Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. murrayi Smith 1885 H09
    |--T. mutata Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27
    |--T. patagiata L96
    |    |--T. p. patagiata L96
    |    `--T. p. mauritiana Viader 1951 L96
    |--T. perna Spengler 1798 H09
    |--T. pharaonis Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. philippii Philippi 1844 H09
    |--T. philippinarum Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. procrita Melvill & Standen 1899 H09
    |--T. pulcherrima Sowerby 1825 H09
    |--T. ralphi Finlay 1927 [=T. aequilatera Tate 1887 non Koch & Dunker 1837] F27
    |--T. remies Linnaeus 1758 H09
    |--T. rhomboides Quoy & Gaimard 1835 H09
    |--T. rotundata Montagu 1803 F27
    |--T. ‘rotundata’ Sowerby 1867 non Montagu 1803 F27
    |--T. ‘rotundata’ Boettger 1875 nec Montagu 1803 nec Sowerby 1867 F27
    |--T. rugosa Born 1780 H09
    |--T. semen Hanley 1845 H09
    |--T. semitorta Sowerby 1867 H09
    |--T. solenella Deshayes 1855 H09
    |--T. squamulosa Adams 1850 H09
    |--T. staurella (Lamarck 1818) H09
    |--T. subtruncata Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. sulcata Wood 1815 H09
    |--T. sybaritica C73
    |--T. tenuilirata Sowerby 1867 H09
    |--T. tenuis M62
    |--T. vernalis Hanley 1844 H09
    |--T. virgata Linnaeus 1758 H09
    `--T. virgulata Hanley 1845 H09

Tellina mutata Finlay 1927 [=T. rotunda Martin 1887 nec T. rotundata Montagu 1803 nec Sowerby 1867 nec Boettger 1875] F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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