Electron micrograph of male Ankylocythere sp., showing copulatory apparatus (to the right) in active position. Figure from Hart & Hart (1974).

Belongs within: Cytheroidea.

The Entocytherinae are freshwater ostracods that live as commensals on crayfish (one species has been recorded from a freshwater crab). Individuals can survive for reasonable amounts of time away from a host, but require the presence of the host for successful reproduction (Hart & Hart 1974). Entocytherinae are found in North America, including Cuba and Hawaii.

Characters (from Hart & Hart 1974): Distal spine of mandibular palp never spatulate; respiratory plate of maxilla well developed; maxilla well developed; maxilla with masticatory lobe ending in setae. Peniferum elongate, bearing curved to angular penis, with only relatively slightly convex posterior margin.

    |--Ankylocythere Hart 1962 DH86
    |    `--A. toltecae Hobbs 1971 DH86
    |--Donnaldsoncythere (Hart 1962) DH86
    |    `--D. donnaldsonensis (Klie 1931) DH86
    |--Sagittocythere Hart 1962 DH86
    |    |--S. barri (Hart & Hobbs 1961) DH86
    |    `--S. stygia Hart & Hart 1966 DH86
    |--Uncinocythere Hart 1962 DH86
    |    |--U. warreni Hobbs & Walton 1968 DH86
    |    `--U. xania (Hart & Hobbs 1961) DH86
    `--Dactylocythere Hart 1962 DH86
         |--D. arcuata (Hart & Hobbs 1961) DH86
         |--D. prionata (Hart & Hobbs 1961) DH86
         |--D. steevesi (Hart & Hobbs 1961) DH86
         `--D. susanae (Hobbs 1971) DH86


[DH86] Danielopol, D. L., & G. Hartmann. 1986. Ostracoda. In Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) (L. Botosaneanu, ed.) pp. 265-294. E. J. Brill / Dr. W. Backhuys: Leiden.

Hart, D. G., & L. W. Hart Jr. 1974. The ostracod family Entocytheridae. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Monograph 18.

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