Churchyard beetle Blaps mortisaga, copyright Hans Hillewaert.

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.

Blaps is a cosmopolitan genus of darkling beetles with an attenuated end to the abdomen.

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Surfaces matt black. Head in repose porrect. Anterior margin of labrum emarginate, its fringe interrupted medially. Clypeolabral membrane narrowly exposed across its entire width. Mesocoxal cavities open. Elytra completely covering abdomen, apices prolonged and tapering.

<==Blaps Fabricius 1775 [Blaptini] MB08
    |--*B. mortisaga (Linnaeus 1758) [=Tenebrio mortisagus] MB08
    |--B. apicecostata Blair 1922 K77
    |--B. gentilis Fairmaire 1887 K77
    |    |--B. g. gentilis K77
    |    |--B. g. gentiloides Kaszab 1977 K77
    |    |--B. g. punctithorax Kaszab 1977 K77
    |    |--B. g. radula Kaszab 1977 K77
    |    `--B. g. semistriata Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--B. gressoria C01
    |--B. halophila C01
    |--B. polychresta (Forskål 1775) [=Tenebro polychrestus] MB08
    `--B. rugosa C01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C01] Csiki, E. 1901. Bogarak [Coleopteren]. In: Horváth, G. (ed.) Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazása [Dritte Asiatische Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] vol. 2. Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazásának Állattani Eredményei [Zoologische Ergebnisse der Dritten Asiatischen Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] pp. 75–120. Victor Hornyánszky: Budapest, and Karl W. Hierseman: Leipzig.

[K77] Kaszab, Z. 1977. Tenebrionidae der Nepal-Expeditionen von Dr. J. Martens (1969–1974) (Insecta: Coleoptera). Senckenbergiana Biologica 57 (4–6): 241–283.

[MB08] Matthews, E. G., & P. Bouchard. 2008. Tenebrionid Beetles of Australia: Descriptions of tribes, keys to genera, catalogue of species. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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