Mycetophagus quadriguttatus, copyright Pierre Bornand.

Belongs within: Tenebrionoidea.

The Mycetophagidae are a group of beetles that may be found as adults or larvae in rotting wood or in association with fungal fruiting bodies (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Oblong to ovate, somewhat flattened beetles, uniformly brown or with yellow maculae on elytra, densely pubescent. Antennae 11-segmented with three- or four-segmented club; eyes relatively large, coarsely faceted; frontoclypeal suture present or absent; fore coxae transverse, trochantins exposed or concealed, coxal cavities externally open, internally closed; mid coxal cavities contiguous or narrowly separated, laterally open; tibial spurs often well developed and serrate; fore tarsi modified in male, tarsal formula 4-4-4 in female, 3-4-4 in male; abdomen with five ventrites, all free. Larvae elongate and parallel sided, slightly flattened and moderately sclerotised dorsally, with well-developed legs and slightly curved, simple urogomphi, which are more or less approximate at base.

Mycetophagidae [Mycetophaginae] B14
    |--Berginus RD77
    |--Litargus LB91
    |    |--L. balteatus Lec. 1856 L19
    |    `--L. multiguttatus LB91
    |--Typhaea B14
    |    |--T. fumata [=Dermestes fumatus] G89
    |    `--T. stercorea B14
    `--Mycetophagus B14
         |--M. bifasciatus L02
         |--M. irroratus C01
         |--M. punctatus L02
         |--M. quadriguttatus Müller 1821 B14
         |--M. quadripustulatus B14
         `--M. quattuormaculatus L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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