Twiggy wreath plant Stephanomeria virgata, copyright Noah Elhardt.

Belongs within: Cichorioideae.
Contains: Leontodontinae, Hieracium, Microseridinae, Crepis, Taraxacum.

The Cichorieae are a group of composite-flowered plants bearing flowerheads with all flowers ligulate and stems with milky latex.

Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Flowers all ligulate; plants with milky juice; leaves alternate or radial. Flower-heads homogamous, flowers all bisexual, ligules mostly shortly five-toothed at summit and outer ones often radiating; style with plano-convex branches attenuated towards summit, bearing stigmatic papillae on whole of inner side and well-developed connecting hairs on outside down to below place where branches fork; anthers acute or acuminate at base.

<==Cichorieae [Cichoriaceae, Lactuceae, Liguliflorae] PF02
    |--+--Microseridinae KJ94
    |  `--Stephanomeria [Stephanomeriinae] KJ94
    |       |--S. blairii [=Malacothrix blairii, Munzothamnus blairii] H93
    |       |--S. cichoriacea H93
    |       |--S. diegensis H93
    |       |--S. elata H93
    |       |--S. exigua H93
    |       |    |--S. e. ssp. exigua [incl. S. exigua var. pentachaeta] H93
    |       |    |--S. e. ssp. carotifera H93
    |       |    |--S. e. ssp. coronaria H93
    |       |    |--S. e. ssp. deanei H93
    |       |    `--S. e. ssp. macrocarpa H93
    |       |--S. lactucina H93
    |       |--S. paniculata H93
    |       |--S. parryi H93
    |       |--S. pauciflora KJ94
    |       |    |--S. p. var. pauciflora [incl. S. myrioclada] H93
    |       |    `--S. p. var. parishii H93
    |       |--S. spinosa [=Lygodesmia spinosa] H93
    |       |--S. tenuifolia H93
    |       `--S. virgata H93
    |            |--S. v. ssp. virgata [incl. S. virgata var. tomentosa] H93
    |            `--S. v. ssp. pleurocarpa H93
    `--Crepidinae KJ94
         |--Crepis BR65
         |--Taraxacum BR65
         |--Tolpis Adanson 1763 BR65
         |    `--T. barbata H93 [incl. T. umbellata Bertoloni 1803 H93, BR65]
         |--Chondrilla BR65
         |    |--C. juncea BR65
         |    `--C. prenanthoides C55a
         |--Reichardia Roth. 1787 [incl. Picridium Desfontaines 1799] BR65
         |    |--R. intermedia PT98
         |    `--R. picroides (Linnaeus) Roth 1787 [incl. Picridium vulgare] BR65
         |--Sonchus Linnaeus 1753 BR65, A61
         |    |--S. arvensis BR65
         |    |--S. asper Hill 1760 BR65 [incl. S. fallax C55b]
         |    |--S. grandifolius Kirk 1894 A61
         |    |--S. hydrophilus GK00
         |    |--S. littoralis (Kirk) Cockayne 1907 (see below for synonymy) ME70
         |    |--S. megalocarpus [=S. asper var. megalocarpus Hooker 1860] BR65
         |    |--S. nigrum BN99
         |    |--S. oleraceus M99 [incl. S. ciliatus C55b, S. laevis C55b]
         |    |--S. palustris C55a
         |    |--S. tenerrimus C74
         |    |    |--S. t. var. tenerrimus C74
         |    |    `--S. t. var. perennis C74
         |    `--S. vulgaris Ho91
         `--Lactuca KJ94
              |--L. amorgina S98
              |--L. biennis H93
              |--L. canadensis H93
              |--L. indica MH98
              |--L. lessertiana O88
              |--L. ludoviciana H93
              |--L. muralis C06
              |--L. saligna BR65
              |--L. sativa KJ94 [=L. scariola var. sativa C55b]
              |--L. scariola BR65
              |--L. serriola [incl. L. serriola var. integra] H93
              |--L. tatarica H93
              |    |--L. t. ssp. tatarica H93
              |    `--L. t. ssp. pulchella H93
              |--L. viminea Hu91
              `--L. virosa BR65

Cichorieae incertae sedis:
  Leontodontinae BR65
  Cichorinae BR65
    |--Hedypnois BR65
    |    |--H. cretica [incl. H. polymorpha] BR65
    |    `--H. rhagadioloides GK00
    `--Cichorium BR65
         |--C. endiva H93
         |--C. intybus BR65
         |--C. pumilum PT98 [=C. endivia ssp. pumilum AGF98]
         `--C. spinosum PT98
  Kirkianella Allan 1961 A61
    `--*K. novae-zelandiae (Hooker) Allan 1961 [=Crepis novae-zelandiae Hooker 1864] A61
         |--K. n. f. novae-zelandiae [incl. Hieracium fragile] A61
         |--K. n. f. glauca Allan 1961 A61
         `--K. n. f. minor Allan 1961 A61
  Hieracium N10
  Scolymus hispanicus S06, PT98
  Troximum S06

Sonchus littoralis (Kirk) Cockayne 1907 [=S. oleraceus γ littoralis Kirk 1894, S. asper γ littoralis (Kirk) Kirk 1899] ME70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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